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how may braxton hicks contractions are normal?

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dibleydoughnut Sat 19-Mar-05 13:46:39

i am 24 wks pg and am getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions every day since about a week ago, midwife says its ok to get them, but i get them a lot every day, not painful just uncomfortable, how many a day is the norm? anyone else get them loads?

Heathcliffscathy Sat 19-Mar-05 13:52:40

i got them loads (clumps of a few several times a day) from v early on, right through preg. especially when walking or after having sex.

they are fine. one midwife told me that it was a great way of the uterus preparing for labour as it was toning up!

orangina Sat 19-Mar-05 17:01:25

I'm like sophable, having them regularly since about 20-24 weeks, definitely more after walking if I do anything more than a very gentle stride, and now that I'm 37 weeks, even if I am pushing myself at all, they increase in number. Any time of the day, not really uncomfortable, just there. My uterus will be well and truly toned soon ! (The only bit of me that will be mind you...)

Tessiebear Sat 19-Mar-05 17:36:30

God how weird!!! I am 25 weeks pg and i was just wondering the same thing today!!!!!!!!!!!
I seem to be getting so many - and they sometimes take my breath away! I was quite worried today as they felt slightly painful - so i had a 2 hour stint on the sofa!
This is my 3rd pregnancy and barely noticed them before.
Think i have been overdoing it a bit

Cooperoo Sat 19-Mar-05 17:49:51

Hi there, I am exactly the same and was concerned initially as I certainly didn't get them like this with my first pregnancy. Some of mine are really uncomfortable too. I had them every half hour for 24 hrs the other day and was really achy in my back and tummy like I had been doing lots of sit ups (like I remember what that feels like!) A midwife friend of mine said they get worse with each pregnancy so that may explain something. I agree with resting though when we have them (any excuse) as sometimes it does seem that exertion sets them off a bit. HTH.

bonym Sat 19-Mar-05 18:12:31

I've been having them since about 16weeks this time around (2nd pg) - it's quite normal to get lots - strange thing is, for the last 2 weeks I've been getting them more when I'm sat doing nothing in the evenings (athough I am 39 weeks now!)

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