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biglips Fri 18-Mar-05 16:23:45

my friend who is 14 weeks pg and she got to have injections, coz a few weeks ago she had blood in her wee and docs said it was urine infection but since then found out it was pre-eclampsia.. what are the dangers at this stage of pregnancy?

biglips Fri 18-Mar-05 16:42:28


whimsy Fri 18-Mar-05 17:12:38

Im not too sure, i developed pre eclampsia with ds and had to have a c section. I am being closely monitored with this pregnancy but was told it doesn't normally develop in the early stages.

lars Fri 18-Mar-05 17:39:35

I've had pre-eclampsia twice and not really sure as usually comes on much later, or that's when it shows itself high blood pressure and protein in urine, possible puffiness, feet and face.

Very early stages and difficult to say they will monitor and no doubt a long stay in hospital wll be required. larsxx

beachyhead Mon 21-Mar-05 14:58:36

Pre-eclampsia doesn't normally come about until 20 weeks or more. Ask your friend to call APEC or go on They should have all the facts......

rodeo1 Tue 22-Mar-05 10:23:16

I had early onset pre-eclampsia with my first pg from about 16 weeks, although wasn't detected until I was 25 weeks. Unfortunatly didn't turn out well for me as it's just a case of the doctors trying to hold it off drugs and constant monitoring. I was admitted straight into hosp on the Friday and had to be delivered on the Monday.

The reason for delivery was because the pre-eclampsia was heading towards the eclampsic stage which leads to fits which can cause haemorraging in the brain. I then spent 2 days in ICU which were a blur. Recovered enough to see my dd on day 3.

Babe who was only 1lb, lived to only 3 days due to prematurity. Although I believe she hung on until I got to see her

Since having her in 1998, i've gone on to have 2 healthy babes, with no sign of pre-eclampsia. Got in touch with apec with pg2 they were very helpful. I was advised to take low dose aspirin from 12 weeks, is your friend doing the same? Not sure if this is the reason for not getting it again or if it was just luck but studies show it dramatically reduces the risk.

I hope your friend's pg has a happier ending than mine. Get her to contact apec if she hasn't already. Love and best wishes x x x

mears Tue 22-Mar-05 10:34:30

14 weeks is very early to be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Did the doctors tell her that?

biglips Tue 22-Mar-05 10:40:08

yes her docs (at the antelnatal hosp) told her that... ive tried on the website and its coming up Asia-pacific economics cooperation !!!

biglips Tue 22-Mar-05 10:41:12

well she is either 14 or 16 weeks (as she is big for a 14 weeks and so her docs and midwife told her that too)

rodeo1 Tue 22-Mar-05 10:49:13

website is, sorry but I'm a bit rubbish on the computer to do a link!

biglips Tue 22-Mar-05 11:08:28

yes found it. and im sorry to hear about your 1st baba

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