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pregnant and breastfeeding - what do you think?

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jamhead Thu 17-Mar-05 19:06:18

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and still giving dd a morning breast feed. She's 13 months and strictly speaking doesn't need it of course but we enjoy it. Don't think she takes that much.

Is it a bad idea to carry on with this from a medical point of view? Any other thoughts?

beansprout Thu 17-Mar-05 19:09:29

I'm absolutely no expert but FWIW I would think that if it really was a bad idea, your body would not allow you to do it. It is possible to b/f in preg, but my understanding is that it places a heavy demand on your body.

Good for you though, to be b/f at 13m and congratulations on your pregnancy!!

kama Thu 17-Mar-05 19:14:47

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Thu 17-Mar-05 19:16:11

Message withdrawn

kama Thu 17-Mar-05 19:18:09

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Thu 17-Mar-05 19:19:48

Message withdrawn

trinityrocks Thu 17-Mar-05 21:08:34

I have always thought that you would be the only one to suffer if anyone because your body will produce everything for you dd and your growing baby with any problem. It would only cause you to be poss. extremely tired and you should look after yourself just that little bit more I would think.
Congrats on your pg and well done for breastfeeding this long and enjoying it also

trinityrocks Thu 17-Mar-05 21:08:59

that should say WITHOUT any problem

jamhead Thu 17-Mar-05 21:45:58

Can't really quantify pregnancy tiredness, can you? - I was shattered with dd until about 20 weeks and that's bound to be worse as now I'm running around after her so I guess a little bit of breast feeding is neither here nor there really. I think I'll carry on for a while at least.

Only thing that might stop me is morning sickness if it hits soon!

Thanks everyone for your advice and support.

Cadmum Fri 18-Mar-05 13:13:44

I breast fed ds1 (at night and in the morning) until I was 26 weeks pg with dd at which point he self weaned. I did not find that it made me more tired (would that have been possible?) and it meant that I had a bit of a lie-in and a cuddle every morning.
Congratulations on the pregnancy and the extended breatfeeding. Your toddler and new baby are blessed to have such a loving mum!

Kiwifruit Fri 18-Mar-05 14:26:00

My mother said that is how she knew she was pregnant with my sister - my brother (who was about 7mths) weaned himself from bf - she thinks it was probably a change in the taste of her milk.

morningpaper Fri 18-Mar-05 14:41:58

You should be fine - I've had friends who had done this. The hardest thing will be convincing your healthcare providers.

giraffeski Fri 18-Mar-05 14:44:08

Message withdrawn

Seabird Fri 18-Mar-05 21:17:33

I asked the same question on here about 8 months ago and got lots of support in favour of continuing my morning feed with 9mo dd. One morning when I was about 9 weeks pg she decided she didn't want anymore, but I was glad it was her decision. Enjoy your pregnancy .

Kiwicath Sat 19-Mar-05 19:23:52

Go for it Jamhead. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have just finished breastfeeding my 15 month old. I was still willing to carry on but he had other ideas. I asked him one morning if he wanted a boobie. He shook his head, hopped off my knee and went to play with his toys. Dropped the lunch time one a day or two later and finally the bed time one without missing a beat. I'm so glad he made the decision for us. I am enjoying the break as I know it will be action stations again come September. Continue if you want, stop if you want. Perfectly fine for you, her and new babe either way XXX

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