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not get patience to cope with 4 yr old ds right now!

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MissChief Thu 17-Mar-05 19:05:37

just shouted at ds (again) as he's been playing role of child from hell most of the day - being rude to me, banging me, arguing with me, not eating his food - everything has been a battle all day. Result? Me being knackered & hormonal - I ended up just now putting him directrly to bed with his own book & milk, completely in the dark, shut the door too (he was shouting, now sobbing) dh not home till late. Feeling guilty, slack,crap mum but can't cope on days like this.
sorry, moan over, just wonder how on earht will maanage with 2 - praps will have to rush back to work asap and delegate as much of the parenting as possible -earth mother I am not.

mrsflowerpot Thu 17-Mar-05 19:09:11

oh poor you. How far along are you?

In the same position myself, 4yr old ds, number 2 due in June, I'm knackered, have backache, horrible hormones and just have no extra resources to deal with challenging behaviour. It's not as bad now as it was at first when I was pukey as well and feeling really rubbish.

Not much help but you are not alone!

MissChief Thu 17-Mar-05 19:14:31

few weeks behind you then, MrsF - 20 weeks or so..nice to not feel so alone anyway as he bawls upstairs (and dh gets wined & dined!). Not pukey now either but sometimes so hormonal - can go from calm to blowing in few seconds right now, except at work where I have a reputation for being calm, controlled and even-tempered - just my family who suffer, poor sods!

tab Mon 21-Mar-05 22:04:50

Hi, if it makes you feel any better, Im having similar probs. Have 2 and half yr old ds and am now 31 weeks. Tonight after a day at home with ds I was just about at the end of my tether when it came to non cooperation at every stage of bedtime and I really thought that I was just going to collapse with exhaustion and total exasperation. my patience with ds is really at an all time low and Im really wondering how I'll get through the last 9 weeks and then what!??!! Dh really got an earful when he got home tonight - later than usual!

Mirage Tue 22-Mar-05 09:14:22

Mischief,you aren't the only one.I am 30wks & struggling with an 18month old strong minded dd.I always said that I'd never shout at my kids,but I've done it several times recently.She is going through a destructive phase & destroys everything she can get her hands on.

I know a lot of it is attention seeking,I have gone back to work part time,dh is working 10 days at a go without a day off & to top it all,we are in the process of selling our house-so guess who all the tidying up/diy is falling too?

It only takes something minor to tip me over the edge & poor dd seems to be bearing the brunt of my tiredness/stress at the minute.

I wonder what I'll do with 2 kids too.

MissChief Tue 22-Mar-05 09:36:12

I know, guess I've got no more to cope with than anyone else - just despair of my parenting skills at times though. sorry you 're both going through a hard time too - let's hope it does get better after the birth!

Mirage Tue 22-Mar-05 10:40:09

parenting skills-what are they then?

Seriously,I can see myself making classic mistakes regarding dd's behaviour,but I'm just to tired & busy to do much about it at present.

A mum at our local mums & tots group has a 3year old,an 18 month old & is due to have another baby in 3wks.She is the same as us,huge dark rings under her eyes,so tired she can hardly string a sentence together & having to deal with a tantruming ds & a dd who is copying her brother.Compared to her,I have it easy I suppose,but everything is relative.When you are at the end of your tether,what other people are dealing with is not a consideration!

All together now-a big deep breath & count to 10.

KVG Tue 22-Mar-05 17:29:58

Message withdrawn

BEKsmum Tue 22-Mar-05 19:32:23

Hope you don't mind me joining this thread, but it's good to know I'm not alone, I put my son in his room and shut the door with the blackout curtains drawn this morning!

I have a ds who has just turned three and I'm 8 weeks pregnant and feel like death and he has been the child from hell all day and seems to have become a full time monster since turning 3 earlier in the month.

Not sure about the idea of having two kids now it's a reality as my patience is often stretched just with one.

Mirage just tied counting to 10, got to 1 does that count!!! Here's to a better day tomorrow ladies, hope you get to veg on the sofa in peace this evening and why not try eating one of their easter eggs to make you feel better

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