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Ibuprofen during the 1st trimester

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Toun Sun 23-Nov-08 14:04:18

I was 5 weeks pregnant (counting from the 1st day of my last period) when I discovered I was pregnant. However, earlier that same week I had the flu and had taken about 10 capsules of ibuprofen during the course of 4 days. Needless to say, I'm now extremely worried about the potential harmful effect this might have on the baby. Does anyone have anything reassuring to share about this? Many thanks.

kayzisexpecting Sun 23-Nov-08 14:07:01

I did a similar thing and was told by my GP that everything would be fine as it is in the last trimester it causes most problems.

Give NHS direct a ring if you are worried and see what they say or see your gp tomorrow.

Nemowith3and1tobe Sun 23-Nov-08 14:42:36

I think if you have done it unknowingly then try not to worry..I was taking cold and flu tabs and ibuprofen until I found out I was pg this time.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 14:52:37

I had whiplash in my first trimester and was given ibuprofen gel by the GP. I checked with the pharmacy as I had thought not in pregnancy. Pharmacist checked the BNF and confirmed that it is OK in the first trimester, but is definately not to be used in the third.

As kayz says, it's probably fine, but call NHS direct or your GP tomorrow or speak to a pharmacist tomorrow, and try not to worry in the meantime smile

Congratualtions on your pregnacny smile

abbymeg Sun 23-Nov-08 18:13:46

I had a serious op and was taking shedloads of drugs afterwards, including ibuprofen, before I found out I was pregnant 7 days later. My DH did some research through his work as a development chemist and found out that the reason why studies that say it is harmful in the first trimester is that it can interfere with the pregnancy implanting. This wasn't the conclusion of all of the studies, only a couple. (It is harmful in the third trimester.) I found out at I was expecting at 4 weeks pregnant and would say that if you've had a positive test you should be fine - a lot of these women were losing babies between conception and the due date of the next period (the mind boggles at how they managed to do such experiments).

Anyway, after my panic, GP panic, MW sending me to a consultant who wasn't sure so scanned me just to check all was well (this was possibly more because I had a general anaesthetic too) I am now 36 weeks pregnant and so far so good.

I think you'll be fine, if my experience is anything to go by, but if you're really worried ask for an early MW appointment as I did and go from there.

And, congratulations! grin

abbymeg Sun 23-Nov-08 18:16:58

Should say that the reason why I said GP panic was because she wasn't sure so sent me to the MW. The medical studies DH accessed would be the same that a GP would have access to.

Slickbird Sun 23-Nov-08 20:56:02

I think the reason we are told to not take Ibuprofen as the main compound in it is for anti-inflamitory purposes and this could lead to the uterus contracting (before it should). I'm sure if you are still pregnant now, there will be no other adverse affects, but I'm not a doctor obvioulsy don't take my word for it. Sure you'll be fine. xx

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