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Blood clots at 9 weeks pregnant

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elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 09:35:27

I havent had a good time so far with my pregnanacy I am 9 weeks gone. Last night I passed 2 cherry sized clots and had watery red bleeding. One clot looked line a lump of liver the other one was kidney bean shaped. I havent got any blood now unless I wipe. I hve still got terrible back and abdomen cramping. Has anyone experienced this? Coudl this be a miscarriage?

ShowOfHands Mon 17-Nov-08 09:39:06

Yes I have experienced this but at 7/8 weeks. You need to ring your GP and ask for a referral to the Early Pregnancy Unit at your hospital for a scan.

When it happened to me there were no appointments for a week so the GP advised I go to A&E and be referred straight up for a scan. I think he was being careful because of the risk of ectopic and didn't want to wait a week.

I know you must be worried. I was convinced I was having another miscarriage. I wasn't and have the 18 month old to prove it.

I hope all is well. Please come back and chat if you need to.

elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 09:49:52

Thanks Showofhands for repling so quickly and I am so pleased you have lovely 18 month old. Believe it or not I have a scan booked anyway as was in pain last thursday so midwife booked me in today,so wil know by 2pm whats happening. Sorry to be so graphic did you feel the clot leaving you, I did? I guess I am preparing myself for the worst today and if not then great.

ShowOfHands Mon 17-Nov-08 09:53:07

I was sitting at my desk at work and felt it. Dashed to the toilet to find the same as you. Then had red/pink watery blood when I wiped.

I will be thinking of you at 2pm.

elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 09:58:46

Oh my goodness at work you poor thing!! If you look up the terrified of miscarriage thread started by myself you can read all the horrible things me and baby have been through already!!!
Will let you know the outcome, thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 16:21:30

Hi just to let everyone know that passing cherry sized clots doesnt always mean bad news. Gynae nurse checked under microscope and just my own blood clots no baby tissue. Just been for a scan and thankfully babys heartbeart was there!!! They cant explain why I am experiencing severe back and abdomen cramping (had since 3 weeks preg). I have never been so scared ever!!

nobodysfool Mon 17-Nov-08 16:33:27

Glad everything is ok.
I'm 30 weeks pg and had 5 episodes of mega bleeding when i was 9-12 weeks pg where i had to sit on the loo as it was just pouring out and passing clots the size of your palm.Like you i thought the worse but, everytime, i was told the baby was fine.Thank goodness.
They found out that i have a low lying placenta which was hemmoraging (sp?) very scary at the time but the blleds were not affecting baby.
I really hope you have a smoother run of it as i really know how scared you must feel.
P.S. Babys scan is on my profile page if you want a look.

elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 16:46:53

The scan photos you have are amazing!!! Hes a lovely wee boy, wonder who he got the good looks from! Both of you I think. Reassuring to hear your story nobodysfool as all the advice on the web says bleeding is miscarriage - clots are miscarriage!! So misleading. I will definately be coming here first for real life advice! Thanks again.

nobodysfool Mon 17-Nov-08 16:51:42

It's always worth getting any bleeding/pain checked out at the EPU at your hosp and please don't ever feel like you may be wasting their time.
Not sure about ds2 getting 'good looks' from either of us!!??But thankyou.
Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

ShowOfHands Mon 17-Nov-08 16:59:33

I'm relieved for you. It's generally thought that 40% of women bleed in their first trimester. It should always be checked but doesn't always mean you are miscarrying.

Congratulations. MN is an extremely useful site if you find you need more advice/friendly chat/random waffle?

elle5 Mon 17-Nov-08 19:18:33

Seriously Mums net is the best first port of call. I will have a trawl and see if anyone has experienced back and period pains from conception unitl my stage 9 weeks. Constantly think I am going to bleed all the time.

ShowOfHands Mon 17-Nov-08 20:35:53

I had period pains all the way up to about 12 weeks! It was the reason I bled too. I had a cervical erosion which is where the pain and blood came from.

Did they tell you why you bled or was it not obvious?

elle5 Tue 18-Nov-08 13:04:48

No they gave me no reason for the bleeding which is really frustrating. I have heard of low lying placentas etc which can cause bleeding. Maybe once the 12 week period is over and if I still have pain and bleeding I can get them to do more tests?? I hate going to the toilet for fear of more blood. You must have felt like the silver lining of the joy of being pregnant taken away from you, I do! I wonder why your bleeing stopped at 12 weeks, did you have anything done to your cervix to stop it bleeding?

nobodysfool Wed 19-Nov-08 13:41:28

Hows things today Elle5?
Any bleeding?

elle5 Wed 19-Nov-08 15:40:45

Hi Nobodysfool
Brown bleeding which apparently is better than red as its old blood. Incredible pain back and front still and lots of tears of frustration. I am nine weeks and one day so every day I get through is an achievement and baby will be getting stronger. The risk of miscarraige lessens as the weeks go on. Thank you for asking thats really kind of you. xx

nobodysfool Wed 19-Nov-08 21:32:32

Glad there was no fresh blood today. smile.
Have you been to the early pregnancy unit (EPU) at your hospital?
I was in and out there like a cat and a cat flap!You can phone them direct and talk to them about whats happening and they will more than likely get you in when you have any bleeding or pain and scan you.It was always reassuring to see the little one doing well after a bleed, it gave me a little more confidence everytime.
Like yourself i don't have a fantastic relationship with my MW so found talking to them great as you can bypass your MW.
The tel number should be on the front of your maternity notes.
Keep in touch and let us know how your doing.You don't have to do this 'alone'.x

elle5 Thu 20-Nov-08 10:54:44

Hi Nobodysfool - again no fresh blood but extreme pain. Yes I have been in and out of EPU for suspect Ectopic early on with overnight stay rather unpleasant and suspect miscarriage 3 times and I havent actually found them to that reassuring!! I have had 3 scans since I found out I was pregnant due to pain and bleeding. I wish they would investigate WHY I am bleeding and WHY I am in so much pain!! Got doc tonight for something else so might mention it to him - hes a really great doctor!
My urine has a funny smell - maybe I'm not drinking enough - praying its not another urine infection had two already and two lots of thrush!!!
Thank you so much x

seastone Sun 16-Aug-09 23:05:10

hi i m 10 weeks pregnant...bleeding statrted 4-5 days back ,,initially dark brown spotting.then light bleeding and today i had some bloodclots and creamy grey kind of lumpy discharge,,,soooooooooo scraed ...booked for scan 2 days from now can any body explain ?

sunshine85 Mon 07-Feb-11 18:32:02

Hi all
I was wondering whether anyone has experienced the same things as me, I started having a brown discharge 4 days ago which was very light and then a few hours later when I wiped it was red so I immediately went to A&E where they took my blood and urine sample and said that they will need to take a scan which I have to wait until Thursday for, since then I have been bleeding which is very light, it has been red and also very dark brown almost black but not a lot mainly when I wipe. I have had no clots or pain but it does make me worried, I am supposed to be 9 weeks and 2 days but maybe I have already lost it? I haven;t really had pregnancy symptoms since the start apart from aching boobs. I honestly just feel I have had a period as I only usually have very light ones anyway. Can anyone shed some light?

jojohowell Sat 06-Apr-13 01:16:48

Hi im 6 weeks gone and having what seems like a period which includes passing clots and cramps. Holding out for a scan next week but not sure whether baby is still there or not :-( I know how u feel hun!

Marhiza Mon 04-Apr-16 05:45:25

hi elle in a same case.. im 9 weeks preg..
hows things today.. pls update..

Trying92 Sat 04-Jun-16 18:43:05

Hi everyone, Im ten weeks pregnant and I have been bleeding heavily for the past three days I went a&e yesterday and the doctor told me I have a blood clot on my cervix he didn't really explain and I'm just wondering if anyone else has been experienced the same thing??? Please reply

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