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Help! do mws have discretion on which EDD to put on MatB?

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MissChief Tue 15-Mar-05 12:46:38

just had scan which gives me even earlier date - now 2 week difference between EDD indicated by LMP and size of babe shown by my 20 weeks scan (though I'm v tall and ds1 was large). Problem is this earlier date means won't be eligible for mat pay or right to my job back! I know of course it's not as bad as health problem in scan, and relieved all okay, but am really getting stressed over this and not sleeping due to money/job worries. can a midwife choose to go by my date of EDD to put on MatB form so that I have some hope of mat pay?


starlover Tue 15-Mar-05 13:01:25

have you already been seeing a midwife? if so, had you previously given her your later date?
If you have then I am sure she would be happy to use that, if that's what you've been working on up to now.
I was given an EDD at a 6 week scan, but at my next 2 they said that the baby seemed a week further on, but that they wouldn't make a note of it as it would confuse things!!!

Ask your midwife, and explain why you are concerned... I am sure she will be sympathetic

flamesparrow Tue 15-Mar-05 13:06:21

I think it really depends on where you are and who your midwife is... In Bournemouth - No chance whatsoever. They completely ignored my dates, swearing the scans are infallible, and I ended up with a baby cooked for a month too long, and me being very poorly afterwards ...

But that wasn't the point in hand... You can but ask I think would be my answer. explain your reasons and hope they are sympathetic

MissChief Tue 15-Mar-05 13:11:23

thanks both - getting really worked up over this, sorry! yes, I've given the later date all along - to GP & midwife but sonographer was adamant at my scan that this is wrong and "my date had been changed" edven though my records now mentioned EDD (mine) and EDD by scan.
sorry to hear you were so disregarded flamesparrow, hope you're okay now.

flamesparrow Tue 15-Mar-05 15:35:42

Sorry for hijacking the thread there... I should learn to steer clear of dates threads, I always get worked up and start ranting

starshaker Wed 16-Mar-05 11:25:18

hi they still have to keep ur job open and you would be entitled to maternity allowance. i know this because i was only with my employer for a month before i found out i was pg. i was then signed of due to hg but i still get maternity allowance now and my job is still there when i want it back

Lua Thu 17-Mar-05 10:27:20

Hi Misschief, have you met with the mw already? I just wanted to add that from a technical perspective they should not change your EDD after 20 weeks scan. It is just not accurate. That's why the 12 week scan is called "dating scan".....
This late in the game , baby can be big for a lot of reasons that has nothing to due with gestation age.
For matB and to avoid being induced earlier than needed, I would stomp my feet and make sure they do not change you edd!
Let us know how it goes....

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