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Anyone else really fed up?

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kayzisexpecting Fri 14-Nov-08 07:56:12

I'm 36 weeks and so bloody fed up now. Fed up of not being able to get comfortable, needing the toilet every 30 minutes and most of all people asking me how long to go, "ooh haven't you popped yet?", "It could be another 6 weeks yet if you go over". ARGH!!!!!

So I thought I'd start a thread for all us pregnant ladies who are fed up of waiting. I know there was one a few weeks ago but I couldn't find it.

melmamof3 Fri 14-Nov-08 08:57:26

I am 38 week, and so totally fd up, especially with comments from people. I've got the biggest bump in history, can probably see it from space!

I've also got sinusitis at the moment, so combined with a huge bump, I cant sleep.

kayzisexpecting Fri 14-Nov-08 09:04:52

Sorry about Sinusitis Mel, I've had it before and its horrible but combined with being pg too.

I think the comments are most of the problem. I get 'too big' comments and then 'too small' comments about 30 seconds later.

mad4mybaby Fri 14-Nov-08 09:29:30

im 38+3 and soooo fed up too. HAve 2 yr old very active ds who just sucks any energy i have left out of me! He asks me every day when is baby coming im like soon! Stupid postman (who i hadnt seen for about 2 weeks) goes to me the other day, oh your still pg then? No, really?! Keep getting texts from people aswell! Im not even overdue yet! Ds1 was born before 38 weeks so finding it wierd still pg now! And yes i too have a huge huge belly. Im only 5'3 and WAS a size 8 and this kid just seems to put on half a stone every day! My bump has now hit the steering wheel making driving even harder! This w/e im going to start the 'natural' methods of induction as DH works away mon-fri but can guarantee i'll still be here monday! Also have bad SPD which is nightmare!

kayzisexpecting Fri 14-Nov-08 09:31:45

I have a 19 month old DS. I swear he is the reason I'm finding it so much harder this time round.

mad4mybaby Fri 14-Nov-08 11:34:09

it is without a doubt harder to be SAHM with a toddler than be working full time without any other dcs!

moodymoo Fri 14-Nov-08 12:37:40

I spent so long counting down to my maternity leave making great plans of how I was going to spend it - now it is here am so bored and can't be bothered doing anything! How silly was I blush. I felt great till I finished work - now I just feel uncomfy and may as well move into my bathroom - save myself the walk every 10 minutes!
I am glad to have escaped the "are you sure there is only 1 in there" question that everyone thinks is funny to ask everytime they see you and the speclation of boy or girl - they all know we have been told we are having a girl but still they go on shock.

EnchantedwithEdwardCullen Fri 14-Nov-08 12:40:01

Me too

am 34+1 but feel like Im 40+!!

Am so tired and grumpy... and disorganised

and sore!

and breathless!

and i had a move removed tuesday and the stitches are onton of my bump and they hurt!

<<feels incredibly sorry for self>>


EnchantedwithEdwardCullen Fri 14-Nov-08 12:40:34


not move!

lecohen Fri 14-Nov-08 12:45:16

oooh, good thread! I am coming up to 37 weeks and have a very active 2 yr old dd (who thankfully is in nursery 4 days a week from 8:30 - 1pm).

I am totally uncomfortable, tired as hell and SPD on top that comes and goes.

Totally want the baby in my arms already and not in belly.

Shall we all write down our due dates and then run a competition lol

JennysMummy Fri 14-Nov-08 12:56:03

I hear ya on feeling fed up. I'm 38 + 5 & I'm REALLY hating this part. I only got to 37 weeks with DD1 & I was never this uncomfortable when I was pregnant with her. Every day I wake up hoping today will be the day & go to bed feeling disappointed & miserable.

I think my baby must be lying on a nerve or something because I get the most awful shooting pain down the left side of my back & the back of my leg.

Oh, & whoever said BH are painless needs a slap.

mad4mybaby Fri 14-Nov-08 13:06:56

have just noticed that the top of my bump is completely soft and flabby today. Guess its a good sign. Makes me laugh as i just dropped ds off at preschool and the teachers go ooohh havent you dropped! they said that to me on wednesday! If i 'drop' much more this kid will be at my knees!

Jenski Fri 14-Nov-08 14:29:30

Hi, Can I join in.

I am 37 weeks with third and feeling impatient but at the same time I don't feel ready.

I can't sleep comfortably and spend most of the night trying to decide whether sleeping on my left or right is better. I sympathise with the sinusitus - I had this a couple of weeks back and still can't breathe through my nose at night.

One good thing - I think my bump has dropped as I am suddenly able to eat huge amounts of food again.

I have been told that baby is 4/5th engaged but having read on here that could mean 1/5th??? Who knows!

I was also told at my last appointment that baby was posterior so in theory I should be scrubbing the floor. I have waves of nesting instinct but not today! hmm

weecarol Fri 14-Nov-08 14:34:48

Im 39+5 and so blooming fed up its unreal.
SPD, Pregnancy migraines, ketones in urine cos I cant keep food down and to top it all off just been put on iron supplement which makes me feel like death warmed up.

Ah the glamourous side of being pregnant!

RhinestoneCowgirl Fri 14-Nov-08 14:39:33

Just coming up to 35 weeks. Generally tired, achey, appear to have developed heartburn. Intense irritation at DH, particularly regarding household chores and his role (or not) in doing them.

Oh and a wonderfully bright, active and enthusiastic toddler who just wants to pull down my maternity jeans all the blardy time and 'touch the baby?'

Other than that, giving weak grins at all the people who say 'what bad planning' when I let slip that my due date is 21 Dec...

mad4mybaby Fri 14-Nov-08 14:44:40

lol rhinestone, my ds is ALWAYS doing that! When im at home its not too bad except when we watching tv he tells me off for pulling my top back down (wear underbump bottoms) after he's lifted it up because 'baby cant see the tele' cute tho. Nightmare when in public he randomly decides he wants to see the baby. I dont want people looking at my belly!

RhinestoneCowgirl Fri 14-Nov-08 16:45:06

same here mad4 - really don't want a public airing of my stretchmarks!

elkiedee Fri 14-Nov-08 16:50:12

I'm totally fed up and have been for weeks and I'm only 29 + 4 with dc2.

Can't sleep at night or stay awake during day, and have 5 weeks work to survive, not sure what on earth I'm going to wear - I hate maternity clothes, would like more energy to play with lively 18 month old ds.

LOL at mad4mybaby's ds's concern for baby seeing telly.

kayzisexpecting Sat 15-Nov-08 18:56:07

Mad4, that is so cute about your ds wanting baby to be able to see tv.

My DS likes to prod my and then watch baby move, I don't think he understands there is a baby in there.

Lecohen, The list is a good idea. So add your EDD if you'd like.

Mine is the 12th December.

melmamof3 Sat 15-Nov-08 19:11:28

My ds1 wats to shout down my throat so the baby can hear him. I've tried to explain that he can talk to the belly, but he isnt having any of it.

My sinusitis is killing me. Doctor wont see me unless I've had the pain for 8 days, and I've only had it for 5 angry The pharmasist wont give me anything, and there is nothing I can take.

Grrrr get this little person out of me!!!

mabel1973 Sun 16-Nov-08 15:54:35


I am 39 + 1 today.
Sooooo fed up.
I went for reflexology on fri hoping it might turn the baby (it is posterior atm), and the reflexologist asked me if I wanted her to work on the point that can bring on labour yes and make it snappy!!!!
needless to didn't work, she doesn't think I am quite ready. I had the hottest curry on friday night as well.
Both DS1 and Ds2 were overdue.....I don't think I can cope with going overdue this time.
and if anyone else says to me 'haven't you had that baby yet' I swear I will punch their lights out!
(am V V grumpy grin )

mabel1973 Sun 16-Nov-08 15:57:35

mad4mybaby - saw your thread about curry!!!

My 1st midwife with DS1 told me that that there is no evidence that it works, it is just disgusting for midwives when they are down at the 'action' end of things and ladies have a little 'accident' sorry TMI i know!

Are you trying the evening primrose oil?

JennysMummy Sun 16-Nov-08 16:10:38

Argh.. I'm 39 weeks today & I just want this baby out!!! I know realistically I'll definitely be giving birth in the next 3 weeks (I'm going to jump at the chance of an induction if I get that far!) but it just seems so far off & not knowing when it's going to happen is the worst part!

I keep having false labour too.. it's driving me mad!

mabel1973 Sun 16-Nov-08 16:22:10

jnnysmummy - i am getting braxton hicks every evening....i keep thinking is this it???and every morning i wake up....still pregnant!

lecohen Mon 17-Nov-08 09:21:51

Due 7 Dec but find myself hoping it comes sooner... so fed up!

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