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perineum massage

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plantsitter Tue 11-Nov-08 18:10:47

A friend gave me some perineum massage stuff and said it was good to make the perineum more flexible for labour, but I'm not exactly sure where to massage! Is it just the external bit at the bottom of your vagina or should you use it up the vaginal passage too?

Sorry for tmi...

lulumama Tue 11-Nov-08 18:12:02

if you google perineal massage you will find some info

it is more about actually stretching the vagina/perineum to make it more stretchy for birth and getting you used to the sensation of crowning

poppy34 Tue 11-Nov-08 18:12:50

not too much info - its the external bit at bottom then about two inches in - need to insert thumb/forefinger and gently rub and stretch ..

thread here on it -must say I got sick of doing it and ended up needing stitches anyway (that said I did heal up nice and quickly so there could be some benefit)

one of the bits about pregnancy that made my dh laugh the most

poppy34 Tue 11-Nov-08 18:13:33

lulumama -what do you think as fount of all knowledge?is it worth doing?

plantsitter Tue 11-Nov-08 18:16:52

Thanks for info ladies I'm off to give it a try!

lulumama Tue 11-Nov-08 18:19:33

it won;t do any harm, though whether it definitely helps, who can say?

it is like raspberry leaf tea, anecdotally it works, and it can;t do any harm to drink it, so give it a whirl

if you search the archives, some people swear by it. others did it and had stitches

other things can help the perineum in labour, hot compress or water birth, being on all fours or upright.. so lots of things to bear in mind

wish i was the fount of all knowledge!, but thank you smile

lulumama Tue 11-Nov-08 18:20:03

there might be some proper peer reviewed research on perineal massage if you look hard enough!

CuppaTeaJanice Tue 11-Nov-08 18:27:28

If you can't reach and can't bear the thought of DP doing the honours, then dip a small vibrator (not turned on) into olive oil.

...maybe use a different bottle to the oil in the kitchen cupboard though...wink

Gemzooks Tue 11-Nov-08 19:26:04

I did it and had no tears or cuts with DS, so I would totally recommend it. I agree it probably better to use something (in Africa they use gourd vegetables!!

it's not really 'massage', it's literally about trying to stretch the opening so that it won't tear when the baby's head comes out. shouldn't be done before 36-37 weeks. then do it a few times a day. It should be somewhat painful (not agonising but a definite stretch).

Good luck: it worked for me and I can't tell you how grateful I was after the birth not to have stitches or whatever...

wahwah Tue 11-Nov-08 20:56:51

I read some research which suggested that there was benefit for a first birth, but not subsequent ones. Not sure if this is still current though.

babyOcho Tue 11-Nov-08 21:00:18

It doesnt do any harm and if there is a chance that it may help you should do try and do it.

I did it, but had an episiotomy (forceps) and no other tears, but who know knows.

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