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amylou Mon 14-Mar-05 11:31:57

Hi - my close friend is 10 weeks pregnant and has had three heavy bleeds in the last 4 weeks. Each time she has gone to hospital for a scan and everything is ok - but obviously she is getting very stressed and anxious by this. She has had 2 normal pregnancies already.

the doctor has told her bleeding is quite common - but does it stop - have any of you had heavy bleeding and continued to have a healthy child - Is there anything she can do to calm things down a bit... any advice would be more than welcome.

HUNKERMUNKER Mon 14-Mar-05 11:58:05

Hi hun

You might want to repost this with a title - you'll get more replies if people can 'see' the thread, iyswim.

(I did have one bleed when I was 10 weeks and went on to have a healthy DS - hope your friend's OK hun).

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