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7 week scan - what to expect?

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Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 10:42:18

I have an early scan tomorrow after mmc in July, when I will be 7 weeks and 4 days. Am incredibly nervous, and wondered what to expect? Do all 7 week foetuses measure the same or is there some variability as with later scans? What if I'm 'out' by a few days? Should it be moving at this stage?
Just wanting to have a bit of info' so I have the right questions to ask. Keep on replaying the awful experience of sonographer and mmc and am worried about jinxing things if I think postive!
Thanks smile

lilymolly Wed 05-Nov-08 10:45:02

TBH you wont see much, just a sort of foetus shaped blob with a heart beat.

Not really anything else to say really.

Measurement depends on all sorts of things, but dates from LMP and dates from scans are often different so dont fret too much if their is a deviation between dates

Good luck x

ShowOfHands Wed 05-Nov-08 10:47:43

I had a scan at 7+4 as I was bleeding. I had a normal abdominal scan and a transvaginal scan. I had the latter because my bladder was too empty (been sitting in a&e for 6 hours, no drinks!) and the abdominal scan wasn't clear enough. Saw a bean shaped blob and a little flickering which was the heart beating.

Good luck.

mrsboogie Wed 05-Nov-08 10:49:17

I think that they are really only looking for sac with a heartbeat and to see something that looks the size of a seven week feotus. Don't think there's much else to be measured at that stage. I know how nerve wracking it is as I had a similar experience with a m/mc - but there's no reason why this will have happened to you again. I believe that you are just on the borderline of when a heartbeat is visible - I went for a scan at 7 +4 and the hb wasn't visible. Was convinced I had miscarried but went back a week later and there he was! He is 8 weeks old now.

Good Luck and enjoy your scan - its a lovely moment when you see that heart beating ...

ShowOfHands Wed 05-Nov-08 10:51:02

The 'blob' measured 11mm btw. Another scan a couple of days later and she measured 13mm. Potential for growth at this stage is massive so measurements could be out by a good few days.

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Wed 05-Nov-08 10:53:05

Hey Diege! grin

7+4 should be far enough to see something interesting!

They can usually see something by 6-7 weeks, but they can't always pick up the heartbeat, particularly if you are a wee bit off with dates.

They might be able to see the yolk sak (which shows it is in the right place), fetal pole (which shows that something is developing inside yolk sak) or they might be able to see the baby and heartbeat.

I don't think you'll see movement at this stage, although we did at 9 wks.

Depending on what they see on the ultrasound - if they think they could get a betetr look, or pick up the hb - they may do transvaginal.

I found going back for early scan after mmc very difficult, so I know where you are coming from. But positive thinking does no-one any harm. All the best!

Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 10:54:09

Thank you everyone smile. I have severe sickness and vomiting so aren't hopeful that I'll be able to manage the 2 pints of water before hand. May have to prepare for internal scan perhaps (gulp). Have been in two minds about even going and just wanting till 12 week, but I know that what will be will be and a scan won't change anything...

Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 10:55:34

Thanks TEUCH! Have vision of me doing a runner from room at the rate I'm going blush

WorzselMummage Wed 05-Nov-08 11:05:40

Good luck tomorrow

Your sickness is a good sign definatly

I had a MMC in Feb at 13 weeks then had a TA scan at 6 weeks with this pregnancy, didnt see much just a flickering blob then paid for a private scan at 9 weeks just for reassurance ( the mmc baby died at 8 weeks )and i have to say it was money well spent, i couldnt have waited untill 12 weeks, I'd have been a wreck.

Have my fingers crossed for you

WorzselMummage Wed 05-Nov-08 11:07:34

Oh and i was worried about it being in the same room but the hospital must have been having a good communication day as it wasnt, i didnt have to wait and the sonographer was bloody lovely and ddnt even seem to mind me crying.

I hope your hospital as as on the ball, if they're not then tell them

Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 11:10:51

Thanks Worzsel smile. I will be so relieved when it's all over, and am praying for good news. Think once I get to room I'll be on automatic pilot anyway, though wating for sonograoher to make her pronouncements will be longest few minutes of my life.

mrsboogie Wed 05-Nov-08 11:11:04

an internal scan isn't that bad - doesn't hurt or anything and you won't mind if it lets you see the baby better!

WorzselMummage Wed 05-Nov-08 11:15:14

I told mine (though she may well have guessed from the shaking and the tears ) that i'd had 3 miscarriages and could they give me a yay or nay asap and within a couple of seconds the said "all looks normal", I said the same at the private one and my 12 week one and they were all great. It must be a hard job at times eh, the sonographers who did my MMC were so lovely, they must have been trained or something, they did it all just right.

I really hope you have a good experience tomorrow, MMCs are SO cruel, they rob you of so much

Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 11:23:11

That's a great tip Worzel - will definitely mention my history to her. So pleased that you had such good news with your subsequent scans smile

WorzselMummage Wed 05-Nov-08 11:38:20

Thanks i'm sure you will be in the same position tomorrow

Pinkjenny Wed 05-Nov-08 11:40:44

I had a seven week scan due to bleeding. I love the picture we got, it's a little cashew nut.

Hope it all goes well. I was sick as a dog by then too. grin

Lemonka Wed 05-Nov-08 14:15:40

I also had scans at 7 weeks, 8 and 9 weeks - all ok; you can only see the blob and flickering heart but they should tell you approx some measurements which should correspond with the wks of pg; after mc in april this year it was stressful experience but put my mind at rest for some time; last time I had a scan at 6 weeks showing all ok, but my baby died soon after that but I had no bleeding and spotting so only found at 12 wks scan ... horrifc and hope it will not happen again;

good luck

Diege Wed 05-Nov-08 15:45:25

Thanks Lemonka - useful to hear you felt reassured afterwards. I think I will for a week or so, then start dreading 12 week one!
PINKJENNY - hope I can get a piccy too - cashew nut is fine by me!

flynn1984 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:16:33

Hiya diege

I had a scan today and I measured at 7+4 I got a photo and it looks like a big cashew nut but I cannot describe the feeling I had when I saw the fast flutter of a heartbeat...after the 3 weeks I've had of worrying I was miscarrying it was very reassuring and a fantastic moment I will never forget!

Roll on 12 week scan grin

melmamof3 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:43:58

Good luck with your scan.

I had 7 week scans with all my pg's, and tbh, all you can see is a little kidney bean, but the flickring of the heart is always the best bit! My current pregnancy looked like a shrimp at the 7 weeks scan though.

Pinkjenny Thu 06-Nov-08 10:58:03

Diege - let us know how it goes today.

Diege Thu 06-Nov-08 12:49:00

Hello! Just to update, had a great scan with heartbeat easy to see. Measuring about 8 weeks (LMP 7 weeks 4 days) so all good. Had a streak of blood this morning when I wiped (nothing since), so was fearing the worst, but sonographer very positive. Am reassured now, at least for a few weeks!
Thanks again, really appreciate hearing your stories and advice (did what you said too worzsel and told her about mmc before scan - ressured me as soon as she could see anything!) smile

Pinkjenny Thu 06-Nov-08 13:18:35

Brillinant news. Congratulations on your cashew nut.


BigTeuchLittleTeuch Thu 06-Nov-08 14:38:25

excellent news, Diege grin

Diege Thu 06-Nov-08 16:14:15

Thank you! smile

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