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Newly pregnant and bloated, anyone?

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hope2be Mon 03-Nov-08 01:30:20

I am five weeks pregnant and my stomach is bloated. I did have a flat belly and now it is difiantly bulging out! Anyone newly pregnant and showing or can remember what thier belly looked like at five weeks? Maybe the bloating will subside soon.

Jools1 Mon 03-Nov-08 09:12:15

I bloated up really badly and put on nearly half a stone between weeks 5 and 8. It then started reducing, but now at ten weeks, I can definitely feel a thickening round my waist

I was worried about the bloating and weight gain that early too, but have since read lots of posts on here that indicate that bloating / water retention in the early weeks is entirely normal

anjlix Mon 03-Nov-08 13:49:02

I think I felt bloated at 5 weeks as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test. It lasted for many weeks and I had to constantly adjust my diet. It can be frustrating. But cheer up, second trimester can be great and third one ...well lets just say it is hard to tell the difference between bloated belly and a belly full of baby. Enjoy!

hope2be Mon 03-Nov-08 17:58:10

Thanks Jools1 it is good to hear that it is normal. It is just a weird in batween stage. Your are to early to look pregnant, but your body is defiantly changing. anjix, you are right, it is hard to tell the difference between a bloated belly and what is changing do to the babe!

loooouise Mon 03-Nov-08 23:05:39

Hope, I am only 8 weeks, and two people have given up their seats for me on the train in the last couple of days! Granted I am having dreadful morning sickness and probably looking ghostly white, but clearly other people can perceive a bump, even though i know it's only bloating, not baby. Can't wait till I have one for real and can show it off.
Boobs not that big yet though...

hope2be Tue 04-Nov-08 01:05:00

Loooouise the image of looking sickly gave me a lillte laugh ever though I feel for you. My friend also has very bad morning sickness, she looks like hell. Weird, but she says eating sour patch kids works the best. A pregnant belly has a valid excuse, bloated just liiks like one too many beers...

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