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Where sells mattress covers etc for Moses baskets?

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EightiesChick Sun 02-Nov-08 23:53:03

We have kindly been given a Moses basket by a friend but need to get a new mattress cover, sheet or whatever the inner bit(s) are. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells these separate to the baskets? Most shops I've been in seem to only sell the baskets complete with a bedding set. Would rather get new than second hand if I'm honest.

Kelix Mon 03-Nov-08 00:05:50

Got mine from mothercare but Im sure you can get them cheaper (paid £20 for a 'bundle' with two fitted bottom sheets, 2 cellular blankets and 2 normal blankets).

UmSami Mon 03-Nov-08 00:21:29

Agree with kelix, I just bought a new moses basket from mothercare, and whilst it came with a mattress and was 'dressed' there was no fitted sheet or flat sheet...they sell flat sheets (moses/crib) in packs of two, as well as 2 x fitted sheets (moses size). I also bought cellular blankets, prefer the idea of them to the mini duvet that comes with it!

elkiedee Mon 03-Nov-08 00:22:53

You made me think I probably could do with one too for 2nd baby - Mothercare sells mattress on its own for £9.99 but if you can't get them in your local branch (and they're not great at selling the bits on their own as opposed to whole basket etc) then John Lewis at £12 might be a better bet (free standard delivery) as Mothercare charge postage on top unless you get loads.


EachPeachPearMum Mon 03-Nov-08 00:29:52

Think our last one was from toys r us.

eidsvold Mon 03-Nov-08 06:49:51

I found using a pillow case very handy for moses basket mattress covers/sheets. Then can be used on their beds at a later date.

MrsMattie Mon 03-Nov-08 08:38:34

John Lewis

elkiedee Mon 03-Nov-08 10:17:27

Duh, you said mattress cover! Agree with Eidsvold, though lots of places will have a selection of cute little fitted sheets, a pillowcase is as good as anything, my mum gave us several for just that purpose.

eidsvold Mon 03-Nov-08 13:05:15

great thing is - easy to put on and off - mine are now being used as pillowcases by the dds.

Gmakes3 Mon 03-Nov-08 13:56:26

Wilkinsons sell them. I bought some as well as mothercare ones. For the amount of time they are used Wilkos were fine and alot cheaper.

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