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sharp pains in the night

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Littlemisskiwi Sun 02-Nov-08 20:20:46

I was woken last night by sharp acute pains in what I assume is my uterus. I'm 21 weeks. Pain was on my left side and not like anything else I have felt so far. Felt acute and sharp in a strip down my belly. Is this normal?

melmamof3 Sun 02-Nov-08 21:06:56

I have had these throughout this pregnancy. Is it at the bottom of your stomach? My midwife said it was just my muscles and womb stretching.

I usually get them when I'm turning over in bed.

Littlemisskiwi Mon 03-Nov-08 01:44:52

Hi Melmamof
Its higher up, around belly button area. have read a fe threads and assume its just stretching.

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