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Coldsore help pls....

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wellbalanced Sat 01-Nov-08 21:26:51

I have a hum dinger of a coldsore, being pregnant am i still ok to go ahead with creams, lotions and potions to try and get rid????

lizzie9442 Sat 01-Nov-08 22:02:41

Hi just wanted to say that there is a lib balm that is called carmex that works so weel with cold sores better than the creams I find. I have always used it while pregnant to! You can get in places like boots and tesco.

dan39 Sun 02-Nov-08 11:13:00

Bumping this as I think I have one starting too - please tell me I can use zovirax!!!

WorzselMummage Sun 02-Nov-08 11:22:55

You can use the creams but cant take acyclovir ( or however its spelt ! )


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