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Has anyone else got Ringworm?

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PoppyField Thu 30-Oct-08 14:37:01

Am 21 weeks preg with Number 2 and I've got ringworm! In a few places on my back. It's not very obvious - no great red rings, but there are round craters - two the size of a twopence piece and one quite big, more like the circumference of a big wine glass.

Not particularly pleasant but at least it doesn't involve worms. GP says pregnant women are more susceptible to all things fungal - like thrush of course - so I was more vulnerable to it. I just want some company. Anyone else had this? And did it hurt? I get this sore sensation on my back sometimes when I move suddenly or reach for something. Also how long did it take to clear up with the cream they give you?

Thanks people,


roquefortlover Thu 30-Oct-08 15:37:07

Hiya! I had it a long time ago when dd was born - I had to stay in hosp for a while and picked it up then - doc thought from the shower curtain <yuk emoticon>.

It did hurt a bit, and was v itchy, but cleared up fast - lots better in 2/3 days and gone in a week! HTH!

Spidermama Thu 30-Oct-08 15:44:24

DH had such a bad case of it they took photos for freaky medical books. He'd assumed his conretting work had messed up his skin.

He had a strong course drugs and cream. It took a while to clear and he had to have a liver function test to make sure he'd be able to handle the strong drugs before he took them.

I'm sure yours isn't so bad though. His was undiagnosed for years.

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