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Nausea, Dizziness , Headaches....Any Advice Pretty Please! 33 Weeks.

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chinchi Tue 28-Oct-08 16:19:30

Im 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

I was admitted to hospital yesterday evening as a headache that started at dinnertime had me crying by teatime and unable to get my head off the pillow.

Although my blood pressure was higher than it has been this pregnancy, my urine came back clear. I was monitored for over an hour, and the machine was picking up regular tightenings that although I could feel slightly, werent very painful. I was given paracetamol and co-codemol, and discharged around midnight.

The nurse said that the headache was probably caused by anxiety, and to call the maternity day suite if I had further problems.

Today my head is nowehere near as bad as yesterday, yet Im feeling so dizzy, to the point that when Im sitting down, I feel like the room is spinning. I feel very sick, and have an awful pain in my back (mid-back though, rather than low down).

Ive eaten some sweet things in the hope that it would bring my sugar levels up, yet it hasnt made a difference. My blood levels have come back as normal too.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is there anything I could be taking to help the dizziness and nauseousness?

DS was born at 29+5, yet they didnt seem concerned about this lastnight in hospital. Could this be my body's way of preparing for labour? I had contractions at 26 weeks, so have already had steriods, and was told that I should aim for 30 weeks. Thankfully Ive long since passed that

Any advice would be great, thankyou.

chinchi Tue 28-Oct-08 18:41:50

Bump I know Im not the only pregnant one on here!

mad4mybaby Tue 28-Oct-08 19:16:43

im sorry but im in no way experienced just wanted to make sure you werent ignored. Im 36 weeks and a few weeks ago i ended up in hospital being monitored because i had bad head ache and had 'visual disturbances' and everything came back clear, i was also feeling sick they said just put it down to pg hormones. Sorry that doesnt help, hopefully someone will come along soon

chinchi Tue 28-Oct-08 19:39:11

Thanks mad4mybaby Even knowing that someone experienced similar to me and came back all clear is good news!

The MW has a drop in clinic in the morning, so Ill probably pop along to that. I just hate not knowing things in the mean time!

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