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What's the most therapeutic treat / treatment / therapy for a miserable sick PG woman?

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mrsgboring Tue 28-Oct-08 16:16:27

Am 13 weeks pregnant, still sick, though improving. Going on past performance I expect to be background level sick for some time to come (and not right all the way through).

Feel horrific, and pregnancy is not an easy time for me, as my first DC was stillborn at full term. Luckily I have my delightful DS who is nearly 3, and a joy (and being very good and self-sufficient so long as I don't try to lie down near him)

So what has anyone tried to make themselves feel better? What's worth spending money on? Massage? Spa time? Or should I just do something more general and buy general treats for me and/or a short family holiday (thinking about Centerparcs with slight longing)? We don't have vast amounts of time or money to splash around, but given our circumstances, we do tend to dip into reserves to get through this pg time.

I am SAHM by the way, so no childcare currently, but DS will be starting nursery school in Jan so should get some time to myself then.

berri Tue 28-Oct-08 17:21:22

I've just replied to the thread on pregnancy massage but I think this could be what you are looking for - I had one yesterday and felt so relaxed and lovely when I came out, I actually had a smile on my face walking down the street!

They do them anytime from 12 weeks onwards so you would be fine for these, and I'm sure if you mention you are feeling a bit sicky when you book, they might use a particular set of oils which might make you feel a bit better for this too.

It was a bit pricey (£75 for an hour - central London) but I really felt great afterwards so even if I don't have another one I'll remember it throughout my pregnancy as a lovely experience!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

mrsgboring Tue 28-Oct-08 17:48:33

Mmmm massage does seem good. I've never had one before though and feel a bit shy. Shall look into it and see if it's feasible in our area. Thank you berri.

Still wondering if I shouldn't just spend the money on chocolate and/or a holiday though...

ilovemyflipflops Tue 28-Oct-08 19:16:51

How about reflexology? make sure you find a reflexologist that is trained in maternity reflexology though. You can find one local to you through the AOL site

mad4mybaby Tue 28-Oct-08 19:21:45

i was going to say reflexology as if you get a pg trained one (whatever qualification it is) there are specific things they can do to help alleviate sickness plus the other pg related things.

Qally Wed 29-Oct-08 02:42:14

I had indian head massages. They were fabulous - you have so many pressure points in your skull, so they really helped relax me and ease the nausea.

mrsgboring Wed 29-Oct-08 09:49:42

Not so keen on reflexology (thanks for suggestion though) but Indian head massage does sound good.

I've probably worded my original OP badly - not necessarily looking for something to treat the nausea per se, as that is improving, but just the general misery and long hard slog feelings of PG. Want to feel nice about something for once as just so generally bleugyhghg and can't even enjoy a nice cup of tea at the moment (tastes wrong)

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