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evening jacket or cape

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Madigan Mon 27-Oct-08 12:27:30

Am going to a smart evening do ... have ordered goregous Isabella Oliver black strapless dress, but need some sort of cover up for my arms at least for 1st part of the evening .... does anyone know of any nice evening capes or shrugs etc - maye fake fur or sparkly .....

Peachy Mon 27-Oct-08 12:34:06

monsoon have an amazing sequinned one in atm here

and this in Coast is gorgeous- in black as well as ivory

But if you will be BF consider a wrap as they make fab and glam BF cover ups after the birth!

Madigan Mon 27-Oct-08 17:55:43

both absolutely gorgeous - thank you!!! Will you be my style consultant??? xx

Peachy Mon 27-Oct-08 19:55:27

LOL- been looking for something myself, and like to enjoy the experience- not often I get t buy something mega formal (ended up with blackberry coloured floor length strapless number grin)

Haven't decided what I will have as a cover up hmm, but have bought matching gloves pmsl- why do it by halves eh?

christiana Mon 27-Oct-08 20:01:01

Message withdrawn

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