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Ante natal? What ante natal!! Where are the courses for working people!!

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LoveActually Sun 26-Oct-08 18:11:53

All the courses in my area (bishops stortford/stansted) only run during the day. That's if we are able to get on one. The NCT don't appear to be doing any. I contacted them via email when I was 16 weeks pregnant (13 weeks ago) and got a reply this week saying all their courses were booked up!! Am a bit concerned, am self employed and in order to take six months off after bub I am working till aroudn 19 December. Partner self employed too.
My friend who is 12 years older than me said there were evening courses. So I wonder what has happened, is there are real shortage. More importantly how can I get on a course.

Housemum Sun 26-Oct-08 18:22:45

NCT do do evening courses, but they do get booked up v quick - did you go through the main NCT website? (, then search by postcode - should bring up courses offered then give you opportunity to register your interest).

Am shock that they took so long to respond - I covered antenatal bookings down here (North Hampshire) for a couple of months earlier this year and always responded within a week or so at most, even if just to say "no dates yet but you are on file"

Have you asked your local hospital? Ours had an evening session - not brilliant, but better than nothing.

You could always ask the NCT if they are considering any intensive courses (eg a one/two day weekend course) or would consider a one-to-one (ie you, DP and the teacher) - some areas do, it depends how many teachers they have. The problem is a lot of the teachers also have young families, and are trying to fit in the evening courses around their own lives. The training they go through is pretty intensive (4 year course) so it's hard to get people dedicated enough to train up, though when you do get them they are good!

LoveActually Sun 26-Oct-08 19:05:18

thans Housemum. I am upset they took so long to tell me they were booked up. They are thinking of putting on an intensive course near us, but it's all about taking a day off work! I really wanted to meet other parents to be. x

pookamoo Sun 26-Oct-08 19:22:05

I had the same problem, all the NHS courses were during the day. Mentioned it to my aunt who is an obstetrician and she said it's because they expect us to take our maternity leave earlier than we actually do (although I have tacked on some holiday to my mat leave as am not self employed).
If you can't find any evening courses, just find out about the daytime ones and go along as soon as you can when you finish work - you didn't say what your estimated due date is, but maybe it will be too near Christmas?
As Housemum said, ask your local hospital - ours did a tour and a group discussion for mums and dads one saturday morning. It wasn't very in depth but it was worth going along.
Good luck! smile

LoveActually Sun 26-Oct-08 19:40:21

Thanks pookamoo, am calling hospital to do our 32 week tour. Bub is due early Jan. I thought I was being organised by contacting the NCT when I did - oh well!!

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