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CVS on Tuesday - what to expect?

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ladyhelen2 Fri 24-Oct-08 19:30:20

I had my nuchal today. Downs risk of 1 in 29. DH and I have opted to go for CVS and they can do it on Tuesday.
I'm not too concerned about the risk of mc as I am 12 weeks but can anyone help with a few queries?
Does it hurt? How long does it take? Do you have to have a full bladder?
When you get your first set of results ( within 24 to 48 hours they say) does this give you the definate answer on Downs?
I have no idea what we will do if it is positive for Downs. I don't think I can make that decision until I know. The next week is going to be awful and its my birthday tomorrow!

pushchair Fri 24-Oct-08 22:03:13

Hello, I had cvs with last dd. Spent all day in the clinic, mostly waiting around. Had several detailed ultrasounds and finally cvs. I twasnt painfull just uncomfortable. I had to have my uterus shoved higher up so the lovely,lovely doctor pushed the ultrasound thing into my lower abdomen and they used that image at the same time to guide the needle. No pain. Stomach ached day after.
My results took a week.
Good luck

ladyhelen2 Sat 25-Oct-08 14:30:56

Thanks pushchair. Good to know its not painful.
Were your results OK?

LackaDAISYcal Sat 25-Oct-08 14:42:06

I'll be thinking about you on Tuesday ladyH.

Good Luck with it all smile

pushchair Sat 25-Oct-08 16:41:16

Results negative. DD 2 now.

pelvicflawed Sat 25-Oct-08 18:11:53

I had CVS when I got a 1:2 risk - its not painful - just a little uncomfortable - and is over very quickly - I guess the actual procedure only took about 10mins in total though there was some talking things through with a midwife afterwards. You may get some slight discomfort for a day or so afterwards and it was suggested that you take things easy and take paracetamol if necessary. I had the test on a Monday and got the prelim. result on the Thursday. The prelim result should give you a definite indication of Downs or not. The full results take about 2 weeks and these look for other issues such as mosaic variations (I admit I don't fully understand this but I think its when only some of the cells have the extra chromosone). I'll be honest in that we got a definite diagnosis for Downs but your risk factor is much much lower than mine. The hardest part of CVS is the emotional side - so teat yourself gently while your waiting for the results. If you need any support during the process we found ARC (Antenatal Results Choices) brilliant - non judgemental and supportive - if you need to find them just google the name. Good luck with it all.

ladyhelen2 Sun 26-Oct-08 10:33:24

Thanks so much pushchair and pelvicflawed. I am dreading the wait for results, but at least you get some answers quickly. I didn't understand all the mosaic stuff the midwife was telling me when she talked through the procdure but to be honest, the stuff I don't know about doesn't worry me.

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