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Stinging pain in area of previous CS scar at 38 weeks. should I be worried?

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LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 14:39:19

title says it all really. I'm booked in for a VBA2C; last section was 16.5 months ago.

Over the last week or so, if the band of my jeans or trousers falls down below my bump it gets really stingy along the lenght of my previous scar.

the scar itself is looking quite livid as well. Now I know there is no realtion really between what happens with the external scar to the uterine scar, but being a natural born worrier I'm getting a wee bit concerned.

Does anyone have any experience of close togehter pregnancies after a CS and how your scar felt?


LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 14:56:13

painful and tingly bump wink

LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 16:32:55


LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 20:37:18

ok, I'll just sit in the corner and quietly come unzipped <sob>

midnightexpress Fri 24-Oct-08 20:40:31

Sorry don't have much advice though I did get pg 5 months after having a CS (d'oh) - don't remember having any of what you describe - it was just sort of numb really.

Speak to your midwife?

lulumama Fri 24-Oct-08 20:42:53

i imagine it is hurting externally due to your bump growing massively.. have you tried putting any soothing oil or cream onto your belly?

of course you are concerned, if the pain is continous or gets worse then you must call and get some reassurance.

i have 5 and a bit years between pregnancies so can;t comment , but don;t recall any pain around my scar

LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 20:51:58

I've put some E45 on it and it seems much better. I think it might just be the waistband of my jeans digging in.

I'm seeing my consultant on Monday to discuss vbac so I'll mention it then. It seems to have gotten worse since baby's head has engaged.

thanks for answering smile

midnightexpress Fri 24-Oct-08 20:53:06

You sounded so sad I just had to respond.

Hope it's all OK smile

LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Oct-08 20:59:06

aw thanks....just indulging in a bit of "friday night on my own" blues; DH has gone fishing for the weekend.

Things always seem worse when there's no-one to share it with smile

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