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Pain, bleeding and scan showing 'empty uterus' - but hCG still high

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Colsy Fri 24-Oct-08 13:46:32

Hello, I'm very new to all of this - both the pregnancy thing and the talkboards thing.

I am very sorry for posting this again, but I realised that I didn't give my last post a title, so probably nobody read it. I hope it works right this time ... and perhaps even somebody out there who's been through what I describe might give me some teensy weensy ray of hope.

I am not really sure why I am writing this post. It is, I think, sort of a way for me to deal with what is happening to me right now. This is like another person to talk to. (My partner is amazing, but he is just one person.)

Maybe too I am hoping that somebody else has gone through what I am going through and might give me some little ray of hope ... although I think I need to accept that that ray of hope is not very bright.

Anyway, my story ... I am/was five to six weeks pregnant. I started bleeding very lightly on Weds morning. My GP said not to worry too much and to wait and see ... Weds night I woke up with really bad cramps, like period pains, and there was loads more bleeding. It was fresh red blood.

I went to A&E, and they transferred me to the gynae unit in another hospital. The on-call doctor did an internal exam and said the cervix was still tightly closed so could be a threatened miscarriage.

I was admitted to the ward. Continued to be in pain (although this reduced with IV paracetamol) and lots more bleeding, but not really clots, just fluid.

They then did an abdominal ultrasound with a very full bladder (was desperate to pee!), and the sonographer said straight to the point "The uterus is entirely normal. If you were pregnant, then you've miscarried completely."

They then took blood and did an hCG test, but that was really high still. Now I am back home and have to go back tomorrow for another hCG test. The doctor explained that this is to see whether the hCG is still rising.

So now I am completely confused. If the scan showed an empty uterus, and I am bleeding and in pain, and also my breasts which were previously very tender have now stopped hurting, why are they bothering to see if the hCG is still going up? And if it is still going up, what on earth does that mean?

Is there any possibility at all that I am still pregnant? If I am, could all of what's happened to me mean my baby is damaged in some way? Is it more likely to be an ectopic?

I cannot believe how emotional I have been about this. Until we conceived (which admittedly took just eight weeks), my partner and I were very much 'Let's just see what happens', but now I think that I have miscarried, I cannot begin to explain how strongly I feel about everything. I just didn't think I would be that emotionally attached to a group of cells no more than half a centimetre wide.

I know so many of you on here have been through the horrible experience of miscarrying. I just wondered whether anybody else had had a similar experience to me ... and whether anybody had a positive outcome from it.

Thanks for reading all of this. Sorry it's so long:-)

Millie26 Fri 24-Oct-08 13:57:20

Hello, I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. It may be that there is a chance it is ectopic but too small to see on ultrasound so they just want to check as sometimes the embryo continues to develop.

I've had both a miscarriage and an 'empty' uterus with hcg rising which they assumed was an ectopic. I didnt have bleeding with the suspected ectopic but it was too small to see anything at the time and it turned out to be viable so not seeing anything doesnt always mean there's nothing there.

Sorry, I'm not being very helpful here, but you have come to the right place as people are so comforting on this site and I'm sure someone will be able to give you some good advice.

Do keep us posted on how you are.


uglybugly Fri 24-Oct-08 14:02:50

I am sorry you are going through this. I have not been in your situation as such, but have been in a similar situation - so have some understanding.

It will take more of an expert than me to give you more exact answers but...when I was 5-6 weeks pregnant had very bad cramping, but only slight blood loss. I was kept in hospital overnight, and had an abdominal scan the next morning. As I was so early the sonographer said there would be a chance that the abdominal scan may not pick up anything (which it didn't). They then gave me an internal scan which showed a heartbeat. Were you offered this? I don't know if it is given routinely or not.

I would wait to see if hGC still rising - and maybe ask for an internal scan? They are more accurate for early pregnancy. Hope everything is ok for you x

Colsy Fri 24-Oct-08 14:04:07

Thank you Millie Are you saying that even though there seemed to be nothing in the uterus, that actually there might be something there after all and that there is the tiniest possibility that in the end everything will be OK?

I just can't believe that after all this pain and blood that there is anything left in there

I am trying to work today, but I just keep thinking all the time about the blood test tomorrow morning. (8am on a Saturday at a hospital nearly an hour away!)

HeadFairy Fri 24-Oct-08 14:10:31

I'm sorry to hear you're going through this, it's horrible isn't it? I've just had to go through it all too. I was 5 weeks pg and had been bleeding lightly for a week when I started bleeding heavily with some cramping (not too bad) I had an internal scan at our local EPU and I had an emtpy uterus which indicated a miscarriage. They took bloods there and then and did some more 48 hours later. Until the second set of bloods, the pregnancy was officially diagnosed as a pregnancy of unknown location, as my hCG levels were high enough to trigger a positive pregnancy test but there was nothing in the uterus. 48 hours later my hCG levels were below 5, ie normal not pregnant levels. That's why they do two sets of bloods, to confirm the levels are falling. If they're not falling, the can suspect an ectopic pregnancy.

I would second uglybugly and say an internal scan is much more accurate at this stage. The second hCG test will tell you a lot more. If it's fallen I'm afraid you've miscarried, if it's still rising then they may have to do further scans or tests to see if you are still pregnant and if so, to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

I hope that helps, take care of yourself.

HeadFairy Fri 24-Oct-08 20:19:50

Are you ok Colsy? Good luck for your blood tests tomorrow.

Colsy Mon 27-Oct-08 09:33:29

I just wanted to let you know what happened ... I went back for my second hcg test and it had really fallen low. They told me I had miscarried completely. I am OK. I am sad, but I understand that I miscarried for a reason. Maybe the baby wasn't formed correctly. I understand it wasn't anything I could have ever done anything about. I am trying now to focus on the positive future. My partner and I have had a very difficult week, but last night we went for dinner, I had my first glass of wine in about two months (went straight to my head!), and it was lovely to talk about things other than our loss. It really helped us by doing something "normal". We have decided that when the bleeding stops, we will TTC again. Last time we were very, very lucky and we conceived in less than two months. I would love us to be as lucky again this time, but we shall just have to wait and see.

Thank you to everyone on here who helped me with your kind messages. XX

SharkyandGeorge Mon 27-Oct-08 09:40:30

I'm so sorry for both of you loss. I hope the future is brighter.

farudiya2020 Thu 08-Mar-18 13:55:00

I am bleeding in my first week of pregnancy but my uterus is empty.Both ovaries are normal and P.O.D is free with thicker endometrium.Both results for pregnancy test( urine and blood ) are positive.Is there a possibility that I am pregnant.

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