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cramps and pressure at 22 weeks

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fernie3 Fri 24-Oct-08 12:07:17

I am 22+6 and since about 8 :30 I have had cramping feelings in my stomach, they feel like braxton hicks but with them I getting back pain and pressure in my cervix ( at least where I assume my cervix is!) I also have pressure feeling in my bottom (sorry). The pain is not severe but is pretty noticable and more painful and longer lasting than braxton hicks from my previous two pregnancies.
I have already called my midwife and I will be seeing her at two this afternoon. I have a feeling I may have a urinary infection as my appointment on Tuesday picked up protein and White cells in my urine ( although only trace amounts) I have no pain when using the toilet.
I have drunk loads today in case I am dehydrated and had a bath to try and calm things down, the bath helped but as soon as I got out the discomfort came back.

Anyway as I said I already have an appointment with my midwife but I getting really worried and hoped someone on here would have some idea what's going on!

Also what will the midwife do ? I assume she will check wee etc but tbh I am worried that the infection could be causing contractions ( with my first pregnancy I ended up in hospital because of that exact reason)


jackieglyn Fri 24-Oct-08 13:07:37


when do you have an appointment to see the midwife? I dont want to panick you anymore but I think its best if you see someone now.

Maybe go to A and E and get checked?

fernie3 Fri 24-Oct-08 16:54:06

Thanks for your reply, I saw my midwife a couple of hours ago, she checked everything out and thing seem fine, the baby is lying across my tummy low down which she seemed to think is what's causing the pain. She measured fundal height etc and it was about 4 weeks ahead, I have a growth scan in 6 weeks so will be able to check size and position of baby then hopefully, meanwhile I'm supposed to try lying on my side to get the baby to move up a bit! She seemed pretty vague on what would help though


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