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Pregnancy Massage - London/Kingston?

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berri Fri 24-Oct-08 11:37:13

I have had a horrible pain in my middle back on the right-hand side for about 3 weeks now, it's so painful it's really getting me down. It seems like it's in a strange place as I would have thought any pain would be lower down my back? It's just below my shoulder blade and hurts when I breathe in and out which is also a bit weird.

Has anyone tried pregnancy massage for back pain - and if so could you recommend anywhere in London or Kingston?

I'm desperate, will try anything

anjlix Fri 24-Oct-08 17:31:28

I had a similar one in my mid-back on the right side. It was just around the bra line as if the muscle was in a permanent spasm. I assumed it was my rib cage expanding as rest of the organs got shoved up. It was painful enough to interfere with sleep for 2-3 weeks. I took paracetamol for 2-3 days when it was most intense. I was about 20-24 weeks then.
I asked my personal trainer to help with mid-back stretches. That helped a lot. Also asked my husband for gentle massages at night.

If you like I can explain the stretches...

Now I have moved on to the more usual lower back pain

berri Tue 28-Oct-08 17:27:45

Thanks for your reply, yes it'd be great if you wouldn't mind explaining some of the stretches. I did some stretching on Sat when it was really bad, and I thought they had helped but when I went to bed on Sat night I could hardly sleep from my whole back and legs aching so I don't think I did much good blush.

It sounds like it's in exactly the same place as my pain, and I am 26 wks at the moment so perhaps it's something to do with where the baby is lying or something?

Do you think it's worth mentioning to the midwife as well, or is it something to just put up with?

anjlix Tue 28-Oct-08 18:04:26

I am happy to explain. My main thing was that if the pain gets too unbearable I take a paracetamol to take off the edge. I figure it is worse for my babies that I toss all night than get a restful sleep with a pain killer.

--Cat / cow stretches on all 4s works for me now that I am much heavier. It didn't do a thing at 24 weeks. But try it since every one is different. You can get better explanation on google.

--The best one was with my personal trainer. I would sit on the floor with legs apart in a V and she would do the same and our feet would be touching. That gave me firm support. Then she would grab my hands in a shake or by the wrists and pull me. Of course it is important to be comfortable and not have any unpleasant pressure on the belly. Slowly bend forward and try to feel every rib and attached muscle stretching by experimenting with keeping your arms and shoulders at different heights. You will likely hit your sore spot and it will feel great. Enjoy the stretch and don't be in a hurry. I sometimes did this for 5-10 mins w/o realizing how quickly the time flew.

If you dont have a partner handy you can do this standing and grabing the door handle (anything stable and immobile)

--Another was to be on all 4s and then move the left arm to the opposite side (from under the chin), palms facing upward as far as you like. experminet with different angles. you can try to reach your waist or keep it 90 degree to your torso. This is more for the shoulder but often than is the root and pain shows up further down.

--any modified spinal twist for pregnancy.

--child's pose (yoga) with legs further apart to make room for the belly.

As I am writing this I realize that it might be worth for you to get a prenatal yoga teacher or personal trainer experienced in pregnancy for 1-4 sessions to learn them. Without pictures I am finding it quite hard to describe. Also different things work for different people. A teacher would be able to help you find what works for you. Good luck!

berri Wed 29-Oct-08 15:21:06

Thanks for this - much appreciated

I'll have a go on my own to begin with and if I struggle then I might ring my old gym and see if any of the PTs have any experience with pregnancy.

Paracetamol tip is also handy - I see what you mean about the non-sleeping vs the odd paracetamol!

Thanks again.

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