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chest tightness at 34 weeks, anyone else had this?

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kitpuss Thu 23-Oct-08 19:28:53

For the last few hours today my chest has been feeling quite tight and giving me the urge to cough a bit. I know breathlessness is normal during late pregnancy but it is not really breathlessness, I can do a deep breath, my chest just feels a bit tight.
I have had the odd minute of this tightness during my pregnancy, a couple of months ago the GP checked my chest and oxygen levels and said I was OK, but I am panicking a bit today as the feeling has lasted for so long.
Anyone else had this? I could do with some reassurance, am imagining all sorts of terrible things like blood clots on my lung, but am fairly sure there is no point turning up at A+E for hours of tests and having to get someone to look after DS.

twentynine Thu 23-Oct-08 19:38:09

Yep I had that - it turned into a chest infection. If you get dizzy then go to the docs but if it's just chest pain it's probably a little foot resting on a nerve or just plain old lack of space to expand your ribs.

Try if you can to lie on your left side when it comes on - it maximises the amount of oxygen to the baby but also shifts the weight off your chest and allows you to breathe more freely.

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