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19 weeks and need some baby movement reassurance

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LittleBok Thu 23-Oct-08 12:21:25

Hi all, just wanted to get some other stories on how much movement to expect at this stage. I've had some strong flutters, taps, bubbles etc in the past week and then today nothing, zero, not even a twitch! So I thought a nice piece of Galaxy bar would surge some sugar in to him/her and still nothing. I'm not saying we have to ring the alarm bells but just wondered if anyone had some chat about what they felt and whether it is very random as opposed to the same time every day. I have prodded a little too just to see if I can wake him/her up! and yes, first time pregnancy.....

salt101 Thu 23-Oct-08 12:31:01

I didn't feel any movements until I was about 18-19 weeks. Then, they were exactly like yours, and very very random! Sometimes I'd go days in the first few weeks without feeling anything. My placenta is anterior- so sitting right at the front, I think that is why I didn't feel very much.

You could try sitting very quietly upright, with an ice cold drink and no distractions. Try not to worry too much- stress won't help. If you don't have much success- pop into your GP who could listen in quickly for you and give you some reassurance.

dan39 Thu 23-Oct-08 16:34:48

I felt nothing really til about 23 weeks, then thought maybe I had been nut hadn't known what they were. Its hard cos its first time. Think I had big gaps too. I am 25 weeks now and they are more obvious but again not constant. Have found that drinking really cold water makes it happen - but not always!!

Echo the GP advice - mine is lovely and says not to hesitate to come in for a quick listen if need be - anxiety not good for you!

Wheelybug Thu 23-Oct-08 16:46:11

Littlebok - I've been feeling dc2 move for a few weeks (am 20 weeks tomorrow) but some days I feel hardly anyhting, some days loads. I worry on the days I don't feel much but think they are constantly moving around at this stage so different positions will result in feeling more movement than others. I find stting upright in a chair is more likely to feel movement.

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