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Posterior lying baby

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kraftwerkkittie Thu 23-Oct-08 10:49:11

So nearly 38 weeks and he's head down but he has his back to my back, which will lead to a long and painful back labour apparently (hooray!)

I've made a point of trying to sit up and forward to encourage movement. Done a fair bit of all-fours on-the-floor hip-waggling.

Is there anything I can do to move him? Any advice appreciated - either about now or for the labour!

meep Thu 23-Oct-08 10:52:53

someone on another thread posted this link. Unfortunately it was after I had had my dd - but I'll know better next time grin!

kraftwerkkittie Thu 23-Oct-08 12:41:12

thanks meep. looks like i'm mostly doing the right things. the description of a posterior birth isn't all that cheering, think i'll go into denial about that one. tra la la hmm

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