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crazy weight gain at 30 weeks

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halsmum Thu 23-Oct-08 10:46:57

30 weeks pregnant - I'm hardly eating masses due to bloody awful indigestion but I seem to be putting on weight like crazy at the moment. Is that normal at this stage? Got on the scales this morning only to discover Ive reached the two extra stone mark already!

I'm not exercising much as I broke my ankle just before I discovered I was pregnant - only just off crutches. Still managing to drag myself round and commute full time though - my legs still pretty swollen from the break is it too much to hope that I can assign a good 7lbs to fluid retention?? !!! ha!

WorzselMummage Thu 23-Oct-08 11:27:17

Compltly normal

My dd was born at 32 weeks and i put on a whopping 4 stone with her.

t'is crap !

CookieMonster2 Thu 23-Oct-08 11:31:49

The whole weight gain thing terrifies me. I don't mind putting on the weight so much, its the fact that I know from my first time that it will take me forever to lose it that worries me. And its not helped by the fact that I am starving all the time. I'm 17 weeks and have managed to put on half a stone so far. I don't think thats good given that the weight tends to go on more towards the end of the pregnancy, and I am overweight to start with.

mamatilly Thu 23-Oct-08 11:38:07

hey i think the weight levels out along the way...

i put on alot of weight earlier on and was so worried - i just had a HUGE appetite and couldn't eat enough for a while, but now at about 38 weeks have settled at just over 2 stone additional weight and not that hungry these days - don't think there;s much room in there any more...

try to go with the flow xxx if baby needs the food, he/she will tell you! xxx

halsmum Thu 23-Oct-08 11:44:52

Its baby two for me too Cookie. I swore this time I'd be one of those fit preggo types with a tiny neat bump and a yoga mat under her arm. As my son was born just before christmas I managed to put weight ON AFTER the birth! ( middle of night mince pies whilst breast feeding)

I finally managed to lose the weight through weight watchers when he was about three. It took me about a year though.

I feel a bit doomed after breaking my ankle. I'm so unfit -

Half a stone at 17 weeks sounds about right though. 'The What to expect when you are expecting' book says 5lb in the first trimester then around a lb a week thereafter so pretty good I'd say.

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