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My 32 week pregnant friend just slipped over on spilt pasta sauce in Tesco and no-one helped her!

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Thomcat Wed 22-Oct-08 14:59:27

She's really slim and really, really obviously pregnant, has a great and huge bump and is wearing something to show it off, looks fab smile

She just popped to Tesco on a busy lunchtime, and as yoy walk intot he very big entrance, manned by 2 security guards, she slipped over on some pasta sauce that was on the floor.

She fell forward and has grazed and bruised her knee (throgh thick thights) and also hurt her wrist as she fell.

Not one person asked how she ws shock angry sad

She was shaken and upset and picked hersell up, got what she needed, paid and left.

Got back here and burst into tears sad

I have rung the store and spokent o the customer services manager type person who was applaled and very lovely and said she would be taking this up and watching the CCTV and asked me to pass on her apologies to my friend and asked that next time she was in store go and see her and although it wasn't very much she wanted to offr her a gesture of goodwill.

All very well and good but am appalled at a major and busy Tesco at lunchtime, not one person, staff or customer, asked her if she was ok!!!!!

brookeslay Wed 22-Oct-08 15:07:23

I would talk to the actual store manager and maybe get her husband to do it they take more notice of men sometimes sexist but true.

Its not her some people are oblivious i`ve been in london and no one takes any notice if you struggle with a case, or haven`t got a seat.

A wasp got caught in my hair couple of months back and I asked someone to help me , I also went up to a couple who walked with me to the chemist as i was shaken. Sometimes you have to ask, but falling over is a case where people should have rushed to her aid.

sclubheaven Wed 22-Oct-08 15:10:03

That's very sad. I'd be apalled too.

Hope your friend is ok smile

Bluebutterfly Wed 22-Oct-08 15:16:10

I am quite shocked that noone did anything. Poor your friend - also hope that she's ok!

broodymom Wed 22-Oct-08 15:24:13

Oh that is awfull,shock but does not surprise me at all some people treat you worse when you are pg!

when i was 7 months pg with dd2 i was getting into my car which was parked on a narrow road when another car was speeding towards me, i knew i had no time to get in so i turned my bump to my car to protect it and the sppeding car hit me on the side i took the wing mirror off it she stopped and dp ran towards her ready to freek out and she drove off shock

i went to hosp to get checked and dp phoned the police from hosp they said that the lady came in to report it and that i was bending down in the road to tie my shoe lace!!!FFS i couldnt even see my feet and even if i was stupid enough to do it does it give her the right to hit me and drive off! they told me to go to my local police to report it shock and i have never heard anything since! So i hope you and your friend get some luck and not brushed aside like i was. angry still makes me so angry thinking about it and it happened 8 years ago!

Thomcat Wed 22-Oct-08 15:28:45

OMG broodymum! Yeah right, like you could have, let alone would have tied your shoelace in the road!!!!!

lauraloola Wed 22-Oct-08 15:53:04

Thats awful, your poor friend. I hope she follows it up with a letter of complaint for a - No one helping her and b - What was pasta sauce doing on the floor in the first place. It could have been a lot worse.

lecohen Wed 22-Oct-08 16:27:00

Hope your friend is ok...I am 33 weeks +4 days and fell over today whilst holding my 2yr old was on the steps of my dd's nursery (slippery as it was icy) and they felt terrible for it...I was more embarrassed than anything but my leg really hurts now.

It's horrible being that much more susceptible to falling being pregnant.

Is your friend still shaken? x

broodymom Wed 22-Oct-08 16:27:31

lol thomcat i dont even own shoes with laces either!!

I just cant understand anyone who could walk past someone who falls over let alone a pregnant lady! What has the world come too!

Evenstar Wed 22-Oct-08 19:00:54

Your friend should make sure that the manager records it in the accident book in case she has more problems. Hope she is feeling better now.

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