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39 weeks pregnant and want a membrane sweep

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Mozza0787 Wed 22-Oct-08 12:35:32

I'm 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my 3rd pregnancy. with my 1st pregnancy i had a c-section at 31 weeks due to premature birth and infections. With my 2nd pregnacy i gave birth naturally 10 days late to a baby girl who was 9lb 1oz. i had a 3rd tear with this labour. my consultant has told me i can have a natural delivery, but he will let me go a week over, then give me a sweep if this doesn't work i'll have to have a c-section again i was just wondering if any1 could tell me whether when i see my consultant tomorrow if i ask him to give me a sweep tomorrow will he do it? as my due date is the 30rd oct and my little girls birthday is a week after my due day and i don't really want to be in hospital for that. please helpme if you can

Ewe Wed 22-Oct-08 12:44:27

Be prepared for him to say no, they only work if you are ready to labour soon anyway apparently and unless medically indicated they tend to only do them at 40+ weeks.

You could ask him to do an internal and see how your cervix feels? If it is favourable then he may be more likely to agree.

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