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Think I have PGP. Any chance it will go away or am I stuck with it?

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EightiesChick Wed 22-Oct-08 12:22:24

I slid coming down the last two stairs a couple of weeks back and landed on my arse one of the stairs. Ok at the time, just a bit surprised and bruised-feeling, but since a few days later I've had lower back pain which has now 'moved' down into my buttocks and thighs - it hurts to stand up from sitting, getting in and out of car etc and I am waddling when I walk. Having googled it sounds like Pelvic Girdle Pain. Was dismayed to see it can go on for the rest of the pregnancy and even indefinitely. Has anyone found it goes away? I'm 25 weeks now and my midwife has said she can refer me to a physio if it doesn't improve - she didn't diagnose it as PGP specifically though.

weecarol Wed 22-Oct-08 13:21:23

Best to get an obstetric physio have a look at you. Can you not self refer to your local maternity unit?
IF it is PGP then they can supply you with maternity belts and show you safe exercises etc to help, don't suffer it when you don't need to.

I have SPD which has casued me a great deal of pain but am so glad to have regular physio, would be lost without it TBH.

Hope its not PGP you have and good luck with your pregnancy.

EightiesChick Thu 23-Oct-08 00:04:48

Thanks weecarol. The midwife at my GP has offered to refer me but don't know if I can self refer. Worth ringing and asking I guess.

If it's not PGP, do you think it's possible it is just the after effects of slipping and will get better?

HateHoovering Thu 23-Oct-08 00:09:39

I think it sounds more like sciatica but it could still be related to muscular pain from fall so worth giving yourself a few more weeks to recover. If symptoms persist, try and see physio.

weecarol Thu 23-Oct-08 13:07:57

EC I would ring them and ask if it's possible to self refer, not going to do any harm and they can only say no! If you can't then ring your MW and ask her for a referral as it's best to get checked out even if it is the after effects of the fall or as HH says possibly sciatica, though sciatica tends to be a shooting pain.

The physio service is in place for a reason and you shouldnt have to suffer pain if you dont need to, plus it will give you some reassurance and peace of mind.


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