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What To Expect From My Next Scan

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chinchi Wed 22-Oct-08 10:48:22

I am 32 weeks today, and went for a growth scan and consultant appointment yesterday.

Baby is fine and growing well, if not too well if that is possible?!

Her fimur measurement is well above average, although at my past 3 scans I have been told she will be a long baby. Her abdominal circumference is measuring bigger than average too, although head circumference is bang on the average line. The customised growth chart showed her weighing in at 4lb 4oz.

The doctor asked me several times to confirm my due dates and although he said baby is growing well, he did seem to be holding something back.

The sonographer measured the amount of amniotic fluid several times, and I was worried that it wasnt as much as it should be. Once I left the hospital, I read my notes which said 'increased amount of liquor, deepest measurement 10.7cm'.

The consultant has asked I return for a scan at 36 weeks. I cant help thinking there is something I should know about? With her increased measurements, may it be a case of me needing to deliver early? Will the increased amniotic fluid cause a problem?

Why is it that all these questions come into my head once Ive left the hospital?! hmm

chinchi Wed 22-Oct-08 11:52:40


MamaG Wed 22-Oct-08 11:54:14

Ring your CMW and tell her your concerns. Perhaps htey just wnat to ensure you don't go into labour with a huge 11 lb baby without being prepared in advance for it.

do ring the MW, they won't mind

chinchi Wed 22-Oct-08 11:55:36

Thanks MamaG.

She has a clinic this afternoon so I know Ill have chance of getting hold of her.

MamaG Wed 22-Oct-08 12:04:09

It sounds good rath er than bad though IYKWIM

Baby is growing well, you have plenty of fluid etc, rather than a small babe and not enough?

Let us know what she says

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