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I know this sounds niave but......

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MichC Wed 22-Oct-08 10:40:41

I have been on the pill since having DS about twelve months ago. I have had some spotting but have chnaged pill and this seems sorted. However, about 2 weeks ago i realised i had missed a pill! i have had a 'bleed' during my pill free week since then but am still wondering if i could be pregnant.

The last four or five days i have been having period type pains and remember getting these with DS.

I know this sounds really niave but could i be pregnant and still get a bleed because it is my pill free week?

babyignoramus Wed 22-Oct-08 12:12:43

To be honest, I would say yes - because it seems that anything is possible when it comes to pregnancy! The bleed in your pill free week is caused by the 'come down' from the hormones. So it isn't a true period as such. If it were me, I would do a test and I wouldn't start taking the next packet until I knew what was up.

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