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Need advice...or maybe just reassurance

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SJPfan Tue 21-Oct-08 22:00:16

I'm 30 weeks today, a few weeks ago I was having pains went to hospital to get checked out and they couldn't find out what it was. The registrar sent me for a precautionary scan last Friday and they have found that I have too much amn fluid, and bub is on the large end of the size chart. Also, I've just found out I'm aneamic, have bad heartburn (and have had for months). I'm having the glucose test on Monday, as well as results from blood tests called TORCH (??), and another scan on the 14th Nov. They talked about being induced early and will discuss further when I go back.

I'm really sorry about this essay, but I've had such an "easy" and enjoyable pregnancy that now I'm thinking that I've done something to cause the aneamia and diabetes and after all we've been through (EP and then IVF) this is something else to deal with.

Any advice greatly received.

Clara x

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