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stretchy wrap-around slings... which one to chose?

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tostaky Tue 21-Oct-08 21:59:57

Some seem to be very long, some have a wider central part, others seem to be shorter...
help! which one did you prefer? (and why!)

conkertree Wed 22-Oct-08 10:09:37

i only have a didymos so can only comment on them - i like it very much and will use it for second dc but i would be tempted to get a lighter one - we got a fairly long one as dh is 6ft2 and i am 5ft3 so we thought a long one would mean we could both use it, but i think i'd prefer a slightly shorter and less heavy one since dc2 is due in april and so will be using it over the summer. basically we wanted one that would do everything eg from baby to toddler, but i now think its worth splashing out on two so that you get the shorter lighter one for new borns and you have the longer heavier one for when they need more support.

i always think that huggabub ones look really comfy so would be interested to hear from anyone who has one.

Tangle Wed 22-Oct-08 13:04:11

I had a hugabub and loved it while DD was small (up to about 18lbs, when it really started to struggle). It's longer than my Didymos 7, but tapered towards the ends so you don't wind up drowning in fabric. I liked the way it all folds into the pocket for easy storage when you get back to the car. I found the stretchiness made the learning curve much easier when DD and I were both getting to grips with slinging - there's a lot more tolerance in how you tie it before you run into safety problems.

To be honest, I suspect there isn't that much difference in useability between the stretchy wraps - I don't think I've seen any threads where anyone hasn't loved whichever stretchy wrap they got.

My experience is that the weight of the sling isn't necessarily an issue when it comes to supportiveness - DD is now 18 months and about 25lb, and I find my Didy Indio (cotton) more wearable than a friends wool mix didy. The wool mix is thicker, but that also makes it bulkier - my shoulders are quite narrow and its not a good combination... The wool mix is also noticeably warmer (which wasn't really an issue this year, but if you go on holiday or we ever get a decent summer it might be).

Have you come across If you can find people local to you you could probably arrange to try a few options (or at least have a prod and a poke) before you buy.

My hugabub has definitly done me a good turn, but I don't think it would be up to another baby. Woven wraps, however, go on and on and on and are well worth looking for 2nd hand.

Oh - and as for splashing out on slings, I've now got the Hugabub (held onto cos I'm sentimental blush), the Didy and 3 Mei Tais. And I'm half looking for a shorter Didy to do rucks with. They can get addictive...

cosmicangel Wed 22-Oct-08 16:28:19

as above i did not like my stretchy sling, too much fabric and after baby was over 2 months old did not feel supportive and had to keep one hand on the sling or suffered backache.

i choose a sling from they are all fabric too very comfortable and i'm a large lady(size 18) but it fit very well.
you can pick the fabric mix you like; i bought blokey colours so my hubby could wear it, he prefers it to pushing a buggy round, but due 2nd baby in november so i'm gonna get a girly one this time.

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