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Is anyone 37 weeks and feeling fed up and frustrated?

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Shelli08 Tue 21-Oct-08 18:05:26

OMG i cant believe how much this pregnancy is dragging i wish my son would be born soon is anyone else feeling fed up?

MrsMattie Tue 21-Oct-08 18:06:34

I'm 35 weeks and feeling like I'm carrying a cannon ball between my legs! I'm knackered and anxious and can't set my mind to anything. Very much fed up.

ellielou02 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:16:49

hi I am 38 weeks today and getting very fed up, DD1 was late and had to be induced so not feeling very optamistic, feeling knackered and anxious too. kind of wishing i was still at work to keep focussed on something but know wouldnt manage much.

No1GruffaloHunter Tue 21-Oct-08 21:21:17

Add a miserable cold and I'm with you. 38 weeks this week and had enough.

tostaky Tue 21-Oct-08 22:02:03

37 weeks on wednesday ... i'm ready baby!!

ellielou02 Fri 24-Oct-08 18:18:27

Hi all went to see mw on tues ans she said as I had to be induced with DD1 would probably need to be again!!sad. But gonna stay positive been having twinges all week, have ordered a curry tonight, going to have shock horror a glass of wine, and my messages in supermarket came to £7.77 (clutching at straws a little bit I think) well you never know, have also got 2 pineapples to eat (not tonight) and going to try and get jiggy tonight grin. So fingers crossed. No1GH hope you are feeling better smile.

kraftwerkkittie Sun 26-Oct-08 11:38:28

38 weeks and all I seem to want to eat is biscuits and cake. As in more than usual. As in only biscuits and cake. If baby doesn't come before 40 weeks they're gonna have to stretcher me out of the house...

Twelvelegs Sun 26-Oct-08 11:42:54

38 wks on Monday.....still decorating!!! At least i will definitely have my baby on Monday 3rd, booked in for a section (my 4th) and will be first on this as I require a senior consultant!!
Before that happens we are glossing all bannisters (three floors), decorating the dining room and my bedroom as both have had new ceilings..... oh and it's half term and each bedroom and the lounge have to sorted through....

Twelvelegs Sun 26-Oct-08 11:43:27

First on the list as in 9am.

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