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clumsy - anyone else?

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kerala Sun 19-Oct-08 19:15:34

I am 35 weeks and really really clumsy. Smashed the lovely jug my aunt gave us as a wedding present so treated myself to a replacement and now just smashed that as well. I make more mess than my 2 year old at the moment.

So frustrated with myself. Is it just me?

EdwardCullenCanHaveMysoul Sun 19-Oct-08 19:17:19

I was exactly the same kerala. It was as if I couldn't quite get my new shape into my mind and acted as if I was the same shape as always. This led to lots of scrapes, bumps and droppings yes!

anjlix Sun 19-Oct-08 23:09:38

I am 28 weeks with twins and quite clumsy already. It is the new shape. Also waddling feels quite good vs. trying to walk normal...!

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