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Dreadful vomiting at 29+5, can't eat or keep anything down, worried sick about baby

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ButIForgetMyself Sun 19-Oct-08 12:47:10

Have been ill for three days now. Thought I was having a reaction to Fybogel but after this long it cannot possibly be.

Have felt sick, unable to eat or drink, awful backache, raging heartburn when I do forcw myself to eat or drink, not sleeping. Saw the out of hours doctor yesterday, he found a bit of sugar in urine (normal for me), blood sugar was fine. Ketones in urine suggesting body is going into starvation mode. Thought it may be virus. Sent me away with anti-nausea pills which I feel really unhappy about taking.

However, today I've taken a turn for the worse, actually vomiting now. Worried that there is a) something seriously wrong and b) this lack of food is going to do harm to my baby.

Should I call midwife? Should I take the anti-nausea pills or just try and wait until the virus passes through my system? Or should I panic and go to A&E?

AzureBlueSky Sun 19-Oct-08 13:26:52

Hi...If it were me I would probs go to A & E, just so that I can be seen and my mind put at rest. I wouldn't panic though, it probably is a virus and I'm sure the baby will be fine, as severe vomiting sometimes happens during pregnancy and all turns out ok.

lulumama Sun 19-Oct-08 13:29:52

your baby will be fine as they are very good at taking all they need from you, regardless of how little you are taking in

call NHS direct and get their advice or the MW

crokky Sun 19-Oct-08 13:32:38

Your baby will not starve - carrying DD, I was sick through the whole pregnancy - I brought up everything at least 5x a day and couldn't eat.

If you can't get your own midwife on the phone, you could ring the hospital's delivery suite and speak to one of the midwives there for advice.

mylittlescarypumpkin Sun 19-Oct-08 13:33:24

Take the pills. If you go to A+E - they'll just want to give you some of the same stuff. At 29 weeks, baby IS affected by severe dehydration, I think lulumama's advice is better for the first trimester. If you need to go in to have the antisickness stuff in hopsital and be reassured - then go. But if you are ketotic, you need treating.

lulumama Sun 19-Oct-08 13:34:49

fair enough.. smile

rascal1979 Mon 20-Oct-08 16:37:46

ButIForgetMyself Sure all is okay seeing as you have been checked over by a Dr but with the symptoms you have suggested I would ask to be checked over again as 'heartburn' and vomiting is a sign of pre-eclampsia.

Did the Dr check your BP and urine for protein?

here is a link to the preeclampsia website for more info

Other symptoms include shoulder pain, dark urine, headache and flashing lights/blurry vision, reduced baby movements. HOWEVER you don't necesarrily have all these syptoms, I only had one or two syptoms when I had severe preeclampsia at 31+6 weeks last December.

Preeclampsia can come on really quickly with devastating effects so always best to get checked out.

Hope I've nto worried you but didn't want to mention this just inc ase. Hope everything is ookay though xx

mylittlescarypumpkin Mon 20-Oct-08 21:47:40

Did you go in? How are you? Hope we are all worrying too much and all is well. Thinking of you.

lilymolly Mon 20-Oct-08 21:49:57

high ketones need treating- you should be admitted for a saline drip.

Please contact midwife
GP should have referred you asap

ButIForgetMyself Tue 21-Oct-08 07:50:53

Thanks everyone.

The Primecare doctor had taken my BP, urine sample etc and they were fine (apart from a bit of sugar & ketones in the wee).

Anyway, I was still throwing up yesterday morning and went back to the doctor, did BP again and checked other stuff but they still think it's a stomach virus.

Managed to hold onto lunch and dinner yesterday, so feeling a bit better today, going to take today to rest and rehydrate (INCREDIBLY thirsty) and head back to work tomorrow, I think. I start maternity leave three weeks on Friday anyway.

ButIForgetMyself Tue 21-Oct-08 20:24:09

After another heavy nausea session I went to the local maternity day unit at lunchtime and spent 4 hours on a saline drip after showing +++ for ketones. After the drip I was still showing ++ but they've let me come home promising them that I will drink loads of water and eat loads of food (now that they've injected me with anti-sickness stuff and I remember what it's like to have a appetite).

lilymolly Wed 22-Oct-08 15:38:12

oh sweetie its crap isnt it.

Glad you got sorted in the end- lots of lucozade got my ketones back to normal in about 24 hours following a drip.

Glad you have been given anti sickness drugs.

Hope you feel better soon

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