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how do you cope with extreme tiredness when you can't have too much coffee?!!!

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kitkat9 Sat 18-Oct-08 13:17:30

Just want a whine...

Barely slept last night due to dh being out at a drunken party and not coming home till 3.30am...I can't sleep properly until I know he's in. Don't know why, as I was lying in bed totally exhausted.

Dc's woke me up at about 6am.

Actually feeling sick and shaky with tiredness. Dh still in coma and is then going out to a meeting for the day, so not much chance to catch up on sleep today. We are in USA so it's only 8.15am.

Am 30w, stricken with spd, totally uncomfortable and pissed off.

Any suggestions on how to feel better would be much appreciated. Feeling very sad.

sunshine185 Sat 18-Oct-08 17:53:12

sorry hon to hear you are feeling low, i have spd too so can relate and finding things v uncomfortable...

from the 2nd trimester with ds i suffered from itchy skin (not liver related) and it was complete hell.... ended up being prescribed piriton by my gp and took it most nights so i could get some sleep....

i am 34 weeks now and after not sleeping well a few nights last week and being exhausted too (hyper toddler) i ended up popping a piriton the other night and i slept!! did me the world of good...

obviously won't make a habit of it, but it works!

soapbox Sat 18-Oct-08 17:54:30

Peppermint tea is great for this - and wonderful when you are PG

tostaky Sun 19-Oct-08 07:51:56

and fresh orange juice mixed with lemon juice....

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