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17 wks, a few sharp cramps and tiny bit of brown discharge, please tell me it's not a m/c!

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Gemzooks Fri 17-Oct-08 11:58:56

Have heard baby's heartbeat only a week ago and felt movements yesterday (2nd baby).

Went to gym last night and just stepped on to the cross training machine when I felt sharp pains in the middle of my stomach. So obviously got off the machine and went home. They went away, but generally feel a bit achy and periody. Now noticed a tiny tiny brown stain (tmi!) like watery blood. Am terrified as had miscarriage at 13 weeks a few months ago and I was sure everything was going ok with this one.

has anyone had similar or knows what it could be?

MrsHappy Fri 17-Oct-08 12:10:35

A bit similar - I had some cramping in the bath and when I got out, went to the loo and wiped, I had some brown and pinky blood. This happened at 16 weeks. It wasn't anything at all and never happened again. However, I did go and get checked out and you should too for your peace of mind.

orangehead Fri 17-Oct-08 12:15:41

With both my boys I bleed every few weeks throughout, only a bit but with cramps too. They never find a reason why and ds1 was born healthy on his dd and ds2 born healthy 1 week early. But do go and get it checked out. I have ended up with a big pile of scan pictures with the amount of scans I had, you need peace of mind

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