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Is anyone taking prednisoline (steroid) for pregnancy?

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oinker Thu 16-Oct-08 14:31:59

I am probably going to self medicate with steroids as I have been refused it thru the hospital cos of my BMI. They won't consider me even though I have taken them before for a skin condition... I never had side effects before so don't beleive I will get them if I medicate

joyfuleyes Thu 16-Oct-08 15:10:48

I am - my BMI is 36.8 - I'm on 20mg of prednisolone a day prescribed by my NHS obstetrician after two second trimester losses for unknown reasons. I start as soon as I get a positive and continue (reducing dose at 12 weeks) until 14 weeks. I think that is pretty much what they are trialling at the LWC.

There's a slightly increased risk of cleft lip/palate in the baby. I've got increased facial hair, no skin problems & haven't put on any weight yet although I am hungry pretty much all the time. It can also cause GI problems (important that you get the enteric coated version especially if you are taking aspirin too).

oopsacoconut Thu 16-Oct-08 15:19:39

I was on seteriods for my asthma during pregnancy I was more closely monitored and had extra scans to check on the baby's growth. PLease do not self medicate - the side effects of any medication during pregnancynot only affect you they may also affect your baby.

Hopetobemum Thu 16-Oct-08 18:53:02

HI, I am on prednisolone, 20mg a day. Not really sure why. I was prescribed it with my second pregnancy (IVF twins) after having miscarried the first time at 5 wks. Not sure why, as my imunnity tests came back fine. I gues the consultant wanted to be sure the second IVF works? Unfortunately I MC at 22+5 after stopping the prednisolone at 13 weeks. Conceived naturally now, 8 wks today. Was given prednisolone again, probably will continue a bit longer this time.
Why do you want the steroids? Did it help you with a previous pregnancy? Apparently Prednisolone is safe but I wouldn't take it unless prescribed.

oinker Wed 22-Oct-08 20:08:59

I have not been prescribed it but am being teated for Natural Killer Cells which can be cause of m/c's.
I have tried all sorts of meds over past five years and have had 7 m/c's.
I am desperate......... sad
Hospital do prescribe it to patients with history of recurrent m/c's but only if BMI below 29... Mine isn't it's 32 (have lost loads of weight in past year)
Anyway, they don't do any tests on you whilst on the drug other than the usuall weekly scans and bloods. I have asked the doc at hospital and as they don't run trials there they don't monitor progress of steroid. It is baically given to you if all else fails and they keep their fingerscrossed for you.....

Hopetobemum Sun 26-Oct-08 18:56:16

Hi Oinker

I am not sure where are you from but if you have any chance of getting yourself reffered to a Lupus clinic at St Thomas' Hospital in London I think it would be a worthwile thing to do. They study the connection between miscarriages and blood conditions. You might want to look up "Hugh syndrom" as well on the internet. It was Dr. Hugh from St. Thomas' who discovered this blood condition and found the Lupus clinic. I am surprised that if you have been diagnosed with killer cells they don't give you the Prednisolone automatically as I thought that's what it is mainly for. Sorry, I don't really know enough about it but I am currently waiting for blood results and see what my doctor at Lupus clinic says about the fact that I am on Prednisolone, as I don't have the killer cells but she wanted to do her own tests. By the way, I am not from London myself but I happened to have my miscarriage there and that's how I managed to get on their books. But my GP had to write me a referral letter at the first place, so if you can, try and get reffered there.

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