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20 wk scan - baby's tummy measuring big - been referred to consultant

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traceybath Thu 16-Oct-08 13:44:57

My sister had her 20 wk scan this morning and everything was fine apart from the baby's tummy was measuring 2 weeks ahead of all other measurements.

She's been told she'll need extra monitoring and to see a consultant but wasn't told why.

She spoke to her midwife who said she'd see her next week to discuss but wouldn't discuss on the phone.

My sister is rather worried and i wondered if anyone here had any idea as to what a big tummy measurement at the 20 wk scan could indicate.

wheniwasyoung Thu 16-Oct-08 13:47:06

Flipping heck, why won't midwives talk on the phone or make arrangements to see your sister?

That is really mean to worry her so much.

I had a scan as I was measuring big for my dates and all was fine. Midwife predicted 8lb plus.

Had another scan at 38 weeks, had emergency section due to baby being in severe distress and I had poyhydromnius. Baby was 6lb 12oz.

The chances are all is fine but get your sister to make an appointment to talk things over.

Good luck.

broodymom Thu 16-Oct-08 13:52:39

I think it because if you measure big they might suspect gestational diabetes (sp!) When i was pg with my dd#1 at 30 weeks i measured 34 weeks and they suspected GD but i didnt have it and dd was 9lbs 13 oz shock but we were both perfectly healthy!

broodymom Thu 16-Oct-08 13:55:53

Im 14 weeks pg and i have to have a routine gd test because dd1 was so big incase i have gd but dd2 was 8lbs 13oz and i measured small! with her so i think bang goes that theory!

traceybath Thu 16-Oct-08 14:00:24

I do think its mean to worry you but then refuse to discuss it until next tuesday.

Hopefully its nothing serious - i did wonder about gestational diabetes too.

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