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Why am I waking so early?

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Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 09:57:17

I'm 4.5 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 weeks have been waking increasingly early, despite being absolutely shattered and heading for bed no later than 10ish. Last night was the worst - waking at 2.45 and not getting back to sleep.
It's my 5th pregnancy (mmc in July) and I have 3 dds. I didn't have this with dds at all (though had a week or so of it with mc).
Just wondering why this is happening - is it hormone related? Has anyone else had this?
I'm really struggling for a 4 hour round trip commute, working full-time (though have a day working from home which helps)and looking after 3 dds under 7. Starting to feel like newborn weeks - triping over my own feet, making mistakes at work etc. Will it end soon? hmm
Any advice/insight greatly appreciated!

chequersandchess Thu 16-Oct-08 09:57:55

Is it anxiety?

meep Thu 16-Oct-08 10:01:48

I have had this with both pregnancies - I put it down to hormones, stress and needing to wee grin. I stopped drinking after 7pm and that helped. It has eased off now that I am in the 2nd trimester but I know that it will be back with a vengeance in the 3rd!

I also wondered if it was training for being alert and wide awake for when your newborn wakes up in the middle of the night - hence the inability to get back to sleep.

You have my sympathy = I was rubbish at work as well!

PoppyCoc Thu 16-Oct-08 10:04:29

Oh I had this. The sleepless nights start before the baby is born - its SO unfair!

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 10:07:14

Glad I'm not alone! It started a week before af was due. I think once I'm awake I do start to worry about things (esp after mmc) - last night it was anxiety about getting an early scan. I also have to wee when I wake up, so will cut out late night cup of tea. Just can't understand how my body can be so tired ay 10pm but them be raring to go at 2am! hmm

WorzselMummage Thu 16-Oct-08 10:09:56

I'm the same

Awake by 3 after some horrible/perverse/weird dream then hours of tossing and turning untill about 6.30 then back to sleep for about 3 seconds and its time to wake up for the school run.

bloody whoremoans !

Goos luck with your pg, i had a mmc in Feb, 17 weeks now.. sure you will be ok xx

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 10:24:05

I have exactly the same with my second preg - i also had it with my first. its the hormones (progesterone i think).

It lasted right the way through until about 20 weeks, and I still get it time to time now. i really feel for you - i know how awful it feels especially when you are working. I also suffer from anxiety so that doesnt help when combined with the hormones

My GP prescribed me antihistamines which i take only when desperate as it made me really groggy during the day but still i know something is there if I really need it. I've investigated all the herbal remedies and there isnt really anything safe to take when pregnant.

the thing that really helps me is napping during the day at the weekend when my DH is around, so try and catch-up then. Also, dont feel bad about taking the odd sick day to catch up - its a medical problem so you are entitled to it. get your doctor to write a note if need be.

best of luck

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 10:25:19

Thanks Worzel smile. To make matters worse last night I was finally drifting off at 4.30am when bleedin' United utilities van started digging up the road shock

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 10:28:33

Thanks munteria, it's really helping to know it's hormone-related. Had been worrying that it was something linked to my mmc, though the early waking stopped at around same time foetus would have died (cooincidental I'm sure). Had hyperemesis with dds (though no sickness with mmc) so in way I'm praying for sickness, though not sure I could manage with insomnia and nausea! For now I'll try and save up sick days for later on when I may need them more hmm

WorzselMummage Thu 16-Oct-08 10:32:06

Munteria (fab name btw !) which Antihistamines ? I had considered a nice spoonfull of Piriton..

Diege you need a shotgun for inconsiderate digger drivers !

Its definatly hormonal I had it with the mmc too, infact i found it worse at the end just before the scan although i think i knew in myt heart that something wasnt right so it may well have been anxiaty.

SpangleMaker Thu 16-Oct-08 10:41:39

I have this too (11.5 weeks) sad The trouble is before being pg I could soldier through a day at work ok after a bad night's sleep, but now I can barely stop myself slumping at my desk! Naps help (if you can) as does not drinking late in the evening. I've also had a few working at home days where I've got enough done in the morning to reassure people I'm not skiving then napped in the afternoon grin

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 10:44:06

I'm trying that approach SPANGLE, though have succombed to mumsnet as work is just too boring...may try and get a nap before school run, as feel like I'm trudging through concrete!

meep Thu 16-Oct-08 10:49:29

Diege - definitely stop your late night cup of tea - not sure if it has a diuretic effect but it makes me wee more than normal!

I think the need for a wee will wake you up then your mind goes into overdrive - especially if you have been through a mmc That combined with hormones and you're wide awake.

My sickness didn't start until about 8 weeks - so try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know - I'm only beginning to ease back on the worry as the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy have not been the best).

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 10:56:00

my gp prescribed me Phenergan. knocked me out but made me really drowsey. only needed to take half a 20mg tablet!

sure pititon would be ok also medised (as its for young babies so must be ok) but best to check with your GP

p.s. Diege - good idea to save up your sick days (i found the insomnia kicked in the 3rd tri last time so I'm expecting it this time as well!).

funnily enough i had sleeping probs (my DD was sleeping and I wasnt!) right the way through until i stopped breastfeeding when my period started - so def hormotre related! this time round if I have the same problems I will stop breastfeeding sooner as not worth feeling awful and being grumpy with tiredness and not abelt o function!

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 10:57:55

p.s. have also stopped drinking before 7pm so dont have to get up in the night for the loo - its a good tip

moosemama Thu 16-Oct-08 11:10:08

I am 28+7 and I have exactly the same thing, as do several of the ladies on my antenatal thread.

I am on number 3 (first DD) and didn't get it either time with my 2 DSs.

My poor DH has given up and decamped to the sofa as he says all my tossing and turning is keeping him awake - we've both been like zombies.

Midwife says its just down to hormone levels and is different for each lady and each pregnancy.

Hope it gets better for you soon.

moosemama Thu 16-Oct-08 11:11:53

28+5 not 7 doh! blush

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 11:12:06

Meep that's a good tip. My tea is decaf, but diuretic still in it I presume.
MUNTERIA I had the same thing with breast-feeding too - your post brought it back! Crazy sitaution of baby sleeping through and me wide awake!
Oh I am so tired...

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 11:17:22

Diege - that is really interesting!

my health visitor and GP diagnosed PND (which also can be hormone related.. I think) and put me on Anti-D's.

But i wonder if just my period starting would have worked. i think next time i will stop BF and see if that works before going on Anti-D's...

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 11:46:57

I think it may well be linked to bf MUNTERIA as I only had this with dd1 who I breatfed (bottle fed dds 1&2)and like you as soon as I stopped and periods returned I could sleep again!

MrsHappy Thu 16-Oct-08 11:50:17

I had this at the start of my first pregnancy - in fact it was my first symptom. We were on holiday and I kept going to bed by 10, waking up at 4 or 5 and going out to get breakfast by 6 while my DH stayed in bed until 9 or 10. I think I was just ravenous or something.
It did pass, though, a couple of weeks later.

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 13:00:40

I'm so glad, DIEGE, that I'm not the only one who had this. hadnt met anyone else with the same thing. gives me hope. if it happens again will stop the BF and see what happens - as wont help me or my family if i get in the same state again (e,g, bursting into tears every other day at the doctors, sorting out my cd's into alphabectical order at 2am in the morning!)

you MUST though take a sick day now if you need it, dont try and struggle through if it continues as its still early days for you. you need to get as much rest as you can now before the birth.

p.s. i also find going to bed earlier - 9/9.30 - helps as i dont nec wake up any earlier.

Diege Thu 16-Oct-08 13:24:07

Thanks MUNTERIA, yes I should take time off if I need it, though tbh my emplyers are pretty easy going and we all keep our own hours really grin.
I remember screaming at the health visitor with dd1 that I was getting 20 minutes sleep a night, and ranting and raving in day. I started to dread the night as I knew what was coming...It def. wasn;t PND for me as I got that with dds (15 months after dd1 was born blush)and knew that with dd1 I was grumpy because of extreme sleep loss, whereas woith dd2 it was totally different.
I am off to have a nap now!

munteria Thu 16-Oct-08 13:25:57

good on you - best of luck. x

Jools1 Thu 16-Oct-08 21:44:47

I sleep badly anyway, so waking up and feeling wide awake was actually an improvement on tossing and turning, so tired but not able to sleep

However, I've recently started using a Body Shop aromatherapy spray - goes on your pillow and is supposed to promote restful sleep. I cannot recommend it highly enough - has really worked for me and enabled me to drop back off to sleep, even if I do sit bolt upright, wide awake at 3.30am

The other think I do is make sure I get up and go for a wee even if I'm not convinced I need to - seems to work "!

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