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Excema on my face - help!

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Cha Wed 26-Feb-03 21:49:52

Just wondering if anyone else has had this... I am about 14 weeks pg and about 2 weeks ago noticed two areas of red patchy skin on my face. They go from both corners of my mouth down my chin (like a rather attractive goatee)and are alternately 'bobbly', like a rash, or dry. I have been trying all sorts on it and it doesn't seem to get any better. With my last pregnancy I developed severe asthma (no previous history) which I will now have for the rest of my life apparently. Am I allergic to my babies???

Joe1 Thu 27-Feb-03 08:56:55

I had something like this while pregnant and feeding both of mine, I have it now while feeding dd. I get it on my eyelids and around my mouth. I too have tried allsorts but nothing seems to make it any better. Salt always sends it off around my mouth. Some days are better than others. Im hoping it will go when Im not pushing my body to the limits with feeding and everything else we do

Lollypop Thu 27-Feb-03 21:04:15

Cha I'd go to your GP if I were you. I had a similar rash under my nose with both pregnancies. It was much worse the first time though because the second time as soon as I noticed it I used Fucidin cream. It didn't get rid of it totally but it controlled it. Stress made it worse and so did Cliniqe skin care products. It cleared up quickly after the birth you'll be glad to hear.

Cha Thu 27-Feb-03 21:45:06

Will do Lollypop - dp has been on at me for days about going. Suppose he has to look at it. Joe1 - maybe you should get yourself an appointment too!

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