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advice needed please....

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regularbutworried Sat 05-Mar-05 21:20:57

Hi. I have changed my name for this. I have just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child. I'm only about 2 weeks pregnant and it wasn't planned. I'm worried because I drink a bottle of wine most nights and i'm worried about the health of the baby. Of course now I know I'm pregnant i'll stop but did any one else drink a lot before they knew they were pregnant? TIA

Gem1355 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:24:46


I went out everyweekend and got rather drunk each one. I found out i was 3mths pg after one weekend. so stopped and baby is fine.

I'm sure everything will be okay.

Pidge Sat 05-Mar-05 21:31:21

Definitely don't worry - in the very early stages of pregnancy as I understand it the alcohol doesn't even get through to the foetus. And anyway - loads of women drink well into pregnancy before they realise. Not to mention that a bit of alcohol even when you do know you're pregnant is probably fine.


regularbutworried Sat 05-Mar-05 21:37:18

Thanks. It's reassuring to know!!

HappyMumof2 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:42:04

Message withdrawn

DecafArabica Sun 06-Mar-05 12:13:31

My mate drank AT LEAST three bottles of wine every weekend and got through at least half a bottle of wine every weekday night (plus up to 5 pints of lager at least once a week too) and smoked 5-10 cigs a day until she was shocked to discover she was 5 months pg!! She stopped drinking/smoking as soon as she found out and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby. I'm not recommending her drinking/smoking habits btw but her daughter's a lively 5 year old now, and very intelligent, so all that booze in early pregnancy clearly didn't do her any harm!

99redballoons Sun 06-Mar-05 12:45:16

Hi regularbutworried, there's been this recent thread on drinking whilst pg too

Yorkiegirl Sun 06-Mar-05 12:48:35

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 06-Mar-05 12:54:36

I used to work with a girl who didn't know she was pg until 6 months! (she conceived 6 weeks after having her ds)
In those 6 months of her pregnancy she had gone on the works xmas do and got blathered to the point where she passed out, went to blackpool pleasure beach and went on all the big rides and regularly had a drink after work!

After all that she had another gorgeous ds who was absolutly fine so Im sure you'll be ok.


Amanda3266 Sun 06-Mar-05 14:08:40

Hi there,

I used to be a community midwife and you would be surprised at how many women find themselves in the same position. Many pregnancies are unplanned (happy accidents) and most women indulge in something they wish they hadn't before they knew and it's not always just a few bottles of wine but drugs of varying legality especially with the nightclub lovers. .
Don't worry - I'm sure all will be fine.


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