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Need a quick reply (TMI)

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usernametaken Wed 15-Oct-08 08:52:55

I am now 9+0, last night there was a tiny amount of blood, this morning there is some brownish discharge. I am rather worried as we are off on holiday at the weekend and the thought of this turning into something else is a little too much. I have the usual pregnancy cramps, no stronger than usual (probably barely noticable, except I am now looking for any signs)!
I have looked at all my notes (had booking in appoinment on monday) and I cant find any numbers to phone. Do I phone the MW or the EPU?
Many thanks.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 15-Oct-08 08:54:57

Depends on the area you are in, but EPU would only book scans etc., on the MW/GP's instructions. So I would phone MW

I had brown discharge all the way through with dd. Hope everything is ok for you

throckenholt Wed 15-Oct-08 08:55:52

brown means old blood - a bleed inside from a few days ago - red blood is fresh bleeding and should be of more concern.

I would ring either and ask if you can be checked out since you are going away next week.

Gateau Wed 15-Oct-08 09:01:41

Hi username.
My sympathies go out to you - I am in exactly the same boat, although my discharge has been brown and very mucousy (sorry, TMI too!) Take a look at my thread about the brown, mucousy discharge. People have given me lots of helpful advice on there. I would phone the EPU and insist on a scan. I'm getting one tomorrow morning.
Best of luck to you.

usernametaken Wed 15-Oct-08 09:04:28

Argh- cant get hold of MW, so phoned EPU. They say phone the doctor and ask for an appointment and he will then refer me if he thinks anything is wrong. Why is this so complicated?

Gateau Wed 15-Oct-08 09:04:40

My area may be different from Tillyscout's but the EPU booked the scan for me with no instruction from the GP or midwife. I didn't talk to them at all.

Gateau Wed 15-Oct-08 09:05:58

That's pathetic. So what is the point of the EPU then?

lecohen Wed 15-Oct-08 09:21:19

Hi there, I had the same all 3 pregs (first was a miscarriage) so I personally would want to be seen before going away. If you go to A&E at the hospital you are registered and basically tell them you are "bleeding" they should send you straight to EPU - well they did this for me but maybe I was lucky, I don't know.

It really could be nothing but better to be sure. Good luck x

usernametaken Wed 15-Oct-08 09:33:35

Ok, phoned doctos now and amazingly got an appoinment for today! I'm guessing he will then refer me to the EPU...why not cut out the middle man? Oh well.
Thank you for all your advice and help this morning.

mumoverseas Wed 15-Oct-08 10:08:12

fingers crossed for you. I had bleeding at 9 1/2 weeks with my last pregnancy which totally panicked me but all was ok and DD now 2. Am pregnant again (20 weeks) and had bleeding at 6 weeks, the day before going on holiday which was really horrid and stressful. I couldn't get a scan as it was the weekend and had to wait almost 3 weeks to find out if all ok and thankfully it was. Hope all ok for you and you can try to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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