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anyone have any fun or sentimental ways of announcing pregnancy to parents ESPECIALLY MY MOM!

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threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 17:21:11

Hope you guys have some great ideas. I havent told my mom yet and I can't tell anyone else yet or it will get back to her before I've had the chance to announce it.

The problem is that I really need something extra special because my mom didnt want me to have any more children after my 3rd. I say this because she thought that after my 2nd I would focus on college and bettering myself rather then starting over with another child. I was somewhat going through a depression a couple years ago. She was just trying to help me come out of it I guess. When I got pregnant with my 3rd she wasnt mad just wondering why would go ahead and get pregnant again. She got used to the idea pretty much right away. Now she loves my 3rd to death. Now I'm expecting my 4th and I dont know how she'll react. Probally the same way at first. I really don't want my news spoiled by negativity. Not that she'll love this one any less. It's just the initial announcement.

I want a special way to tell her rather then "Mom I'm pregnant. Maybe I'll have a better reaction. Sorry to go on and on. My mom is wonderful but does express when she thinks something is not a good idea. Thanks for any ideas

oxocube Wed 26-Feb-03 17:28:40

threeangels (soon to be fourangels!!), no brilliant ideas but I know what you mean about the reaction to the third! My mum was the same, although like you say about your mum, she loves d.s.2 just as much as the others and was actually there at the birth. Just wanted to send you huge congrats and hope some of the others come up with brilliant ideas for breaking the news! Glad you're so pleased. xxx

lucy123 Wed 26-Feb-03 17:49:12

wander into the US equivalent of mothercare with her and go on about how you miss having a tiny baby?

Joe1 Wed 26-Feb-03 17:51:22

How about sending a small card with some words from the baby saying how it is looking forward to meeting its nan.

Good luck, its not easy when you know someone isnt really going to react the way you want straight away. Mums will be mums

SoupDragon Wed 26-Feb-03 17:51:27

When announcing DS2 to my parents. I just said "I've got some good news and some bad news..." They guessed immediately that I was pregnant and that it was due in the middle of the family birthday horror that is the month of March!

Do you have a favourite baby item you could send/give her with the message "guess what?" attached? Or flowers? Sorry, I@ve not got any really great ideas.

threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 18:13:06

Soupdragon - I love the idea of flowers and maybe a card attached. I do have some personal baby items I can use. I wish she had a computer so I could send a card through email.

I'm not sure if I am right about this is what your saing that you have many family members b-days in the month of march? Two of my 3 are in nov and this one is due (from several websites) on Oct 30th. So I'm cutting it pretty close.

Joe1 - I like your idea as well.

PamT Wed 26-Feb-03 18:30:45

I don't really know what to suggest but I think it should show that you are over the moon with the idea and that you have no doubts about having another baby. Then I hope she will be pleased for you too. Perhaps the accompanying card with your gift could say "we're really happy to tell you" or "we are overjoyed to announce".

Congratulations by the way, it's due on my birthday.

Lindy Wed 26-Feb-03 19:35:18

I remember that you had some issues with your mum (mom!) when you moved away, now that you are back home could you put it to her that that was part of your reason for wanting to be back near the family, what a wonderful grandmother she is, (if you are part of a big family yourself you could elaborate on how wonderfully she has brought you all up) - sorry if this might sound too slushy! Is your mom involved in the same church that you are, hopefully she will then see this 4th child as a real gift.

Many congratulations as well.

threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 19:46:42

Thanks to all of you for the congrats.

Lindy, she does attend the same church. I'm sure shell be excited after the initial shock wears off. Sometimes I really think that because of all the involvement she has with my children and has since their births to her it's like she's having a 4th. I think i will wait a couple more weeks after i've had my first doc app to tell her. It willbe more of a reality to her if she knows Ive been seen and actually confirmed by my doctor. Such minor things like telling your mom your expecting can be so stressful. Iv'e been having morning sickness for the past 3 days and worrying about this is making it worse.

I just thought of a cute way to tell her. I will take a handful of helium baloons and somekind of baby token attached to it along with a message of some kind. Maybe I can find some baloons that have words that are related to pregnancy on them.

prufrock Wed 26-Feb-03 21:07:01

I told my Mum on the phone, but sent Xmas cards with scan pictures in to dh's parents saying "Happy Xmas Grandad/Grandma" Of course, with it being the first grandchild it was a bit more obvious to them what I meant, but could you somehow announce it from the new baby?

sobernow Wed 26-Feb-03 21:20:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Wed 26-Feb-03 22:50:17

Like Prufrock's and Joe's ideas of a card with scan pics in saying, Hello Grandma, or something similar - flowers and balloons are nice too.
Many congratulations, Threeangels - you had a false alarm a little while ago, I recall? Hope all goes well for you this time.

Lindy Wed 26-Feb-03 23:25:40

Threeangels - I sympathise, I dreaded telling my mum I was pregnant as I had always been adamant that I would never had a child, she lives a long way away from me so we don't see each other very often & I had been putting off telling her for ages ...... eventually we were having a telephone conversation & she was saying 'I can't believe so & so is having a baby, she's nearly 40 you know' ....... I then had to tell her I was expecting, at 42!!

Good luck, whatever you decide. (PS My mum was delighted - you'll never know how they will react!)

SoupDragon Thu 27-Feb-03 07:26:22

Threeangels, you're right. There are 2 family birthdays at the start & end of February and 5 in March. Add in my in laws and we get another February one and 2 in early April. It was not a popular choice of time to have DS2!!

Oh, and I forgot to say congratulations!

Like the helium balloons idea. I love helium balloons

slug Thu 27-Feb-03 09:36:29

Does your mother know about the false alarm? Maybe you could couch you announcement in terms of "After our false alarm last year we are pleased to announce that this time we've got it right".

Another option is to get your other children to announce it, making sure that they are really exicited by the prospect.

threeangels Thu 27-Feb-03 12:54:07

More great ideas thanks again.

My kids do know. My dd was thrilled. She's been bugging fo a sister since her little brother was born. My 13 yr old at first was like "I don't want another baby" then with a little talking to he got over it. That's a just turned teenager for you.

The idae about the scan picture (is it the ultrasound one) is one of the best ideas. The only thing is that I would have to wait until I was 16 wks or so to have it. That's when they normally do it unless your having a problem that needs to be monitored.

Jaybee Thu 27-Feb-03 14:08:54

My friend told her dh that she was pregnant by wrapping a pair of baby bootees - suppose you could do something similar. Has she done anything special for the others i.e. knit or make anything? If so you could send her a nice baby knitting pattern & wool (or whatever) and ask her for another one!!

Gizmo Fri 28-Feb-03 16:50:24

The scan idea is very nice - particularly if you add a little message from the baby ('hi grandma' that sort of thing) - starts to build a bit of relationship.

Having said that, I did that with my MIL who didn't get it at all and thought I'd got a copy of SIL's scan photo taken six months before! It kind of lost its charm when I had to spell it out.

breeze Sat 01-Mar-03 16:43:17

Is it her birthday or anything coming up, you could sign it from all of you and bump.

Had a dating scan scan after 10 weeks because my periods were not regular and didn't know how far gone I am.

Good luck and congratulations.

sassy Wed 05-Mar-03 14:48:08

If you can wait until the end of the month why not give her a baby record book for mother's day and ask her to be official record-keeper? We did this with mil last year and she was thrilled! (Don't think she's written anything in it mind you!) Or just give book to her whenever - doesn't have to be mother's day.

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