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whoops pregnancy hormones just got the better of me

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mrsleroyjethrogibbs Tue 14-Oct-08 12:09:41

having just finished a veggy samosa and was just about to settle down to a nice cookie and there is a ruddy knock on the patio door. cue dog to go loopy barking and going to investigate. I answer and its the building inspector wanting to check the drains.
erm ok I say (sheesh a bit of notice would have been nice) go ahead.

3 mins later...knock knock knock - cue dog to have another stupid attack

Inspector is back asking for the hose to run the water into the drains. its round the back. No it isnt he says. So I go tromping round the flipping muddy garden to find a poxy hose for him.I then go in.

2 mins later. knock on the door. Guess what? dog starts to go mental I shout like some demeted idiot 'will you go away billy' and answer the door to a distinguished lady who then proceeds to tell me that she cant see out the end of the close because of the wild flowers which grow at the bottom of our hedge which blocks the view.FFS like I need this??? So I politely tell her that I will tell dh to chop them back a bit. I shut the door to her and flipping heck not 1 minute later
Knock bloody knock on the patio door.
By this time my patience is wearing thin. Yes I say? Building inspector says there is no water coming out of the tap the stoptap must be turned off. Really? I said oh. well you will have to use the water butts instead as I dont know where the stop tap is. So the chap says can I come in and have a look for it. (cue my temper has got to the end of my tether) No I say I dont want anyone indoors they will have to come back another time.
Ok they say a bit huffily we will pack our equipment up and come back.

Its only when I came back inside I realise its my hormones talking and not my normal self as I ring dh and rant to him down the phone. I can tell that he is trying not to laugh at me but instead says 'you tell them dear'. Yes I f**king well did tell them.

i am normally the calmest kindest person you could meet but OMG raging hormones atm.


Tinkerisdead Tue 14-Oct-08 12:25:30

Oh see i wish i dare let go and blame my hormones.
This week ive been having pregnancy migraines and lose feeling in arms, blurred vision etc. Lying on the sofa and phone goes. Feel too ill and so i dont answer it, DH texts to say it was his dad ringing, says his dad is coming to bring me a pasty. I dont want a bloody pasty i want to lie down.

dad comes whistling and squawking and putting pasty in fridge, tries to rub all over my bump but Dh says im ill. thank god.

next day, decide feeling much better and im gonna have a lovely bath(rare as im 35 weeks and it takes a lot of effort to get in and out) then Dh's mum is knocking on the door, saw her car outside. i ignore it and get in bath.

next day another migraine, phone goes and Dh's mum leaves message asking how i am. I have migaine and im in bed so i ignore. Dh is out and im lying on sofa again, knock knock. I hear Dh's mum outside talking. I get up and answer the door and she has Dh's 18 month niece with her.

I tell her im not well and have a migraine, she comes in, makes herself a cuppa and gets niece a drink whom starts crying and screaming. She says she was worried i might be ill or in labour so came to check... with a toddler in tow???!!!!!

i felt so ill i just smiled, she didnt even talk to me as the baby got so agitated screaming etc she just had to calm her and eventually leave.

I need the balls to blow my top. I just know they are gonna knock on the door during my homebirth, i just know it. Im gonna have to master the screaming "get lost!!!!!"
I am actually in awe of you. bravo

Jools1 Tue 14-Oct-08 12:45:57

hehe - I can identify with these !

My MIL has a key to our house and only lives a few minutes away. I've already been annoyed on more than once occasion when she turns up, knocks once (when I'm in the loft study and can't hear), then lets herself in, assuming I'm outhmm One time I was in the bath, another time DP and I were just getting in some baby making activity blush

I'm not announcing this PG till after my 12 week scan, so have to hide all "baby" literature when I go out, just in case she pops in - another reason for thinking a home birth is really not a good idea !!

Tinkerisdead Tue 14-Oct-08 13:05:55

ooohhhh my MIL used to have a key. i revoked it when we moved. She used to leave things on the kitchen table that she thought we would like. like a photo DH & I, that they had blown up to A3 size!!!!!!

I took the key back when SIL left a buggy we had given her in the middle of lounge with a note saying, "we want a different one, can you get a refund and give us the money" and when MIL let SIL and the Nan in to look at our new house!! I said i needed the spare key urgently for a cleaner and never replaced it.

Oblomov Tue 14-Oct-08 15:49:09

Sorry for Hijack. DrsWife, just to let you know that we are missing you. Are you o.k. ?

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