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Problem with dates, should i be worried???

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BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 13-Oct-08 19:16:09

Hi all, Ive got a problem with my dates my dp is seriously stressing about it, he's a worrier bless him. One of our very close friends has just had an overdue still birth sad and its really playing on his mind, (and mine too but trying not to stress.) Scan says I'm due 19th November, our dates make it 29th October. We were trying for this baby, everything was logged in terms of when we tried etc, 1st day of last period, very regular cycle. By their dates I wouldnt have conceived until after my period was due, 2 days after the positive test result in fact. My Midwife says im measuring big for their dates and doesnt seem too confident in them either. Should i be worried? what would the risks be to LO and to me with going so far over.

Sorry thats a bit long, thanks for reading smile

lauraloola Mon 13-Oct-08 19:37:04

Im sorry to hear about your friend x

I would definitly raise your concerns with your midwife. I was told my baby was measuring big but she was only 7lb 1oz so Im not sure how accurate scans are.

peachyghoul Mon 13-Oct-08 19:45:33

The dating wheel used by the midwife assumes that every woman has an identical 28 day cycle.

If you had good knowledge of your cycle. It could be that your dates are correct.

My advice would be also to bring it up with your midwife or antenatal GP when you see them but also to have your bag packed ready for your date.

The hospital wouldn't usually let you go more than 10 days over. This is certainly the case in my area.

Your friend has gone through a truly terrible experience but remember these things are the exception not the rule. Good luck.

mrsgboring Mon 13-Oct-08 20:25:32

I don't want to worry you further, but I clicked on your thread because I had a very similar experience to your friend's, and part of it was that they wouldn't believe my dates.

So I would say you do need to get this due date changed. If your midwife is sceptical and you're measuring big for your dates, it shouldn't be hard to get it changed. Ultimately, your MW can change it herself without reference to anyone else, but it would probably be helpful to everyone if you asked to see a consultant to discuss your wrong date and get it put right.

Sounds like someone messed up the dating scan somewhat (easily done) and I know how hard it is to swim against the tide once the "scan has spoken"

All of this is not a problem if you go into labour naturally, but if you think you're overdue and they don't they will be less than helpful IME.

Good luck. It sounds like you can get this sorted out fairly straightforwardly, but you do need to get it flagged and insist they take you seriously.

No1GruffaloHunter Mon 13-Oct-08 20:33:52

Your poor friend what a terrible thing to happen.

Turning to your dates, as the others have said I would take this up as thats a huge difference and as you are confident fight it.

FWIW I'm going to change my due date on my is IVF so we know eactly when we concieved and I don't buy the scan date (mine says earlier than actually due so potential problems the other way).

Good luck.

Funbags Tue 14-Oct-08 00:57:25

Sounds like they're are bonkers to suggest you dont know what you are talking about when you've kept track of it all and had that + preg test. baffling to me how medics can be so patronising at times.

I keep getting told a date I know is wrong (only by 5 days in my case, but I am 100% sure as peeing on ovulation tests every day, so know very well when conception occured). I'll be standing my ground as no desire to be induced. At my scan I know I was 18+5, some bits measured 20+3, and they dated me 19+1. Its a bit of a minefield!

I went 18 days over with DD and she was perfectly fine, I did have daily monitoring after 14 days over just to keep an eye on things. No sign of post-maturity problems at all, and nice healthy placenta. i did wonder about dates for that one too - hence why have kept a better record this time.

I am so sorry to hear of your friends ordeal, though this is very rare, so try not to worry - just be really clear with MW and show her your list of dates and talk it through. Best of luck.

MrsMattie Tue 14-Oct-08 01:11:22

Hi there.

I'm so sorry ot hear about what happened to your friend and her baby. That is truly heartbreaking sad.

It must be a very worrying time for you, too.

Thankfully, stillbirth is very rare. However, because the discrepancy in dates is so big, I do think it's worth you raising this your midwife again and getting your dates 'officially' changed on your notes. At the very least, it will set your ind at rest a little bit.

I had a discrepancy of 5 days in my dates, although it was the other way - I went overdue by 14 days (according to my dates), but it was 19 days according to the hospital and so they paniccked me into having a c-section. I really wish I had got my dates changed on my notes and fought to go a little bit longer rather than have the section sad

BabyDubsEverywhere Tue 14-Oct-08 11:19:47

Thank you all so much for your replies. My dp has been worried all along, but i think a part of it is desperatly wanting lo here so i ignored it a little never hearing of any problems just going with the old 'baby will come when shes ready' but after my friends experience of what should have been completely normal birth... well its devestated us all, you never expect it to happen to someone you actually know - how naive i know. its really shook me up butu im not good with doctors. thank god dp is happy to be the bull in the china shop so to speak lol! The hospital have basically treated me like a silly little woman who couldnt possibly know better than they do - so patronising. luckily very understanding midwife who i think will back me up, once we can get through to her. trouble when they are good they are in demand!

My friend was 19 days over i think. which seems so long. but if lo doesnt come on her own, by the hospital dates i will be 21 days over to mine.

They did something simelar with my son. same hospital. We were sure of our dates but being a first timer i just assumed they must be right. ended up being induced 2 days after my due date (the hospital date). This was because although he seemed immature at the dating scan he suddenly caught up and had a growth spurt and went right over them. Surely this could just be how i grow babies??? bloody doctors so rigid with their chats and proceedures.

so sorry for rambling on and thanks again

broodymom Tue 14-Oct-08 11:32:24

Babydubs, something similar has happend to me (im currently 13 weeks +3)i have been tracking my cycle and the first day of my last cycle was 22 june so when i went for a scan at what they thought i was 11+3 the baby measured 8+3, i was so worried as i thought maybe the baby was not growing.

I just had a 12 week scan (according to their dates) last tue and i measured 12 +3 what they expected me to be and not 15+3 as it would be going by my cycle. I am going to go with the scan date as when i went for the scan at 8+3 they could see the yolk sac and that with the measurements tie together.

When i was pg last time i went with the scan dates also and dd came on the scan due date. try not to worry as you may not have ov or implanted when expected you did, i know i certainly wasnt textbook rules!

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